Box Build Assembly

Box build assembly is an electromechanical assembly process. It involves fabrication of enclosures and installation of cables or wire harnesses. Box assembly also includes installation of components and sub-assemblies. We provide a full electrical and mechanical box build PCB assembly service tailored to your unique requirements. We offer sub-system and complete box/system assembly services.

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PCB production

UET’s Box Build Assembly Services

Our complete box build PCB manufacturing services are tailored to our customers’ needs in assemblies. We mainly focus on saving our clients time and money by delivering the highest quality box build assembly solutions:

◆ Surface Mount Technology ◆ Complete Testing and Burn-In
◆ Pin Through-hole Assembly ◆ Custom Packaging
◆ Selective Wave Soldering ◆ Labeling including barcode
◆ Automated Conformal Coating ◆ Aftermarket Service and Depot Repair
◆ Software Loading ◆ Complete box build for a variety of applications

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*Bill of Materials (BOM) for PCBA (Include Manufacture part numbers, Brands, Descriptions, Designators, Quantities, Footprint, Customer part number, etc.)

*Assembly drawings of PCBA (Include Reference designators, Component positions & Polarities)

*Pick & Place files

*Other special instructions of PCBA (Conformal coating, Serial numbers, Test records, etc)

*Cable drawings + specs for all cable harnesses and/or looms

Altium/Gerber files (RS274X) /Eagle/DXP (including PCB info such as thickness, copper thickness, solder mask color, finish, etc)

*3D CAD model of enclosure + specifications (include drawings, size, weight, color, material, finish, etc)

*High level BOM of Box Build (Please include everything in addition to the PCBA BOM such as Mechanical parts, Cables, Membranes, Screws, etc)

Label and packaging instructions

Detailed build instructions including assembly drawings for box build

With our services, you can expect quality box build assemblies at cost-effective prices. Contact or email us at [email protected] to know more.

Programming firmware files

Firmware + software installation instructions

Level of testing required along with test instructions