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UETPCB is a professional China pcb manufacturer. We also have the best pcb assembly online technology. As an excellent pcb manufacturer, we have over 15 years of experience in pcb manufacturing and pcb assembly industry. We can solve any problem you may encounter in the PCB field.

We have our own pcb assembly factories – D&R base in Shenzhen, ready to meet any requirements of our customers. We are:

  1. Experts in electronics manufacturing
  2. Covering PCB manufacturing
  3. Parts sourcing
  4. PCB assembly services in China
  5. Turnkey pcb assembly

By partnering with us, you will receive unparalleled technical expertise and state-of-the-art one-stop PCBA solutions at competitive prices.

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PCB manufacturer in Europe

PCB Manufacturing

With over 15 years of experience in PCB fabrication, UETPCT now provides quick-turn, high-quality custom PCBs. We can manufacture 1-48 layers PCBs, standard/hi-temp FR4, flex-rigid-flex, microwave/high-speed/RF, aluminum, and hybrid board.

 PCB Manufacturing

PCB Assembly

We are professional at the PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing services. We will provide Kitted and Turn-Key mass production assemblies, and the fast and precise prototype assembly. Our PCB assembly capabilities involve thru-hole, flex/rigid, mixed, multi-layer PCB, SMT, and morel

PCB Assembly 

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Our Turnkey Electronic Manufacturing Services including PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, components sourcing, cable harness assembly and box build. So we learned that the reasonable cost, high-reliability service, on-time delivery and quick turn-around are the keys to keep our customers satisfied and how we made our business successful in contract manufacturing.

Electronic pcb Manufacturing Services

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     PCB Board PRODUCTS     

Multilayer PCB is an integral part of most of the electronics, used in electrical products when it comes to connecting number of electronic components on the board. Different from a double-sided PCB which only has two conductive layers of material, all multilayer boards designed with three or more conductive copper foil layers, laminated and glued together with layers of heat-protective insulation between them. The entire construction is arranged so that two layers are placed on the surface sides of the PCB to connect to the environment. All electrical connections between the layers are achieved with vias such as plating through holes, blind and buried vias.

Multilayer PCB helps us getting rid of the old ways of joining components where components were joined together by end to end wiring, resulted in covering more space and weight and unable to fulfill the requirements of more complex designs. Experts are in constant struggle to improve electronic design with compact shape so it provides better user experience and turns out to be less costly than its predecessors.

UETPCB provides multilayer PCB manufacturing from 1 to 48layers, all our multilayer PCB boards remaining compliant with IPC, UL, RoHS and ISO standards. Our experts can consult with you about the design and specifications of your multilayer circuit board to achieve the capabilities, performance, and cost you are expecting.

Normal standard PCBs have the vias to create the electrical connection on the normal FR-4 material. Nowadays, it has developed double-layer from the single-layer.

The single-layer PCB comprises only one layer of substrate. Usually, PCB manufacturers use copper as the thin layer of metal to coat one end of the substrate, because the copper is a good conductor of electricity. Normally, manufacturers locate the protective solder mask on the peak of the copper layer and apply the silkscreen printing to the top of the solder to mark the components of the board. Therefore, this kind of standard PCB board is best suited for easy electronics.

The double-layer PCB is another standard PCB that is more familiar than the single-layer PCB. The double-layer PCB has metal conductive layers on the top and bottom of the substrate and components are soldered to both sides. Besides, the double-layer PCB plates hole through the holes(PTH) of top and bottom conduction to make conductivity of the two layers. The double-layer PCB is used widely because both sides can design tracks that greatly reduce the difficult layout.

UETPCB provides quick-turn, high-quality custom China PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly service. Our standard PCB capabilities involve aluminum, Flex/rigid-flex, Standard/hi-temp FR4, RF/microwave/high-speed, and Hybrid board.

Flex PBC is also called FPC PCB, flexible PCB, and flexible printed circuit board. This kind of PCB belongs to the area of electronic and interconnection. The flex PCB consists of a thin insulating polymer film that has conductive circuit patterns affixed thereto and oat a thin polymer for the conductor circuit protection. The flexible PCB has become one of the most important interconnection technologies used in various manufacture of today’s most advanced electronic products. Flex PCBs feature distinctly patterned printed circuitry and component arrangement highlighted by a malleable base material. The flexible PCB now is used in an extensive range of devices from cell-phones to servers, no matter what the sizes and uses are, this kind of PCB is always designed flexible, lightweight, and efficient.

At UETPCB, we focus on the fabrication and assembly of flex PCB products for use in the manufacturing of medical devices, telecommunication and industrial equipment. we can bring your circuit ideas into reality with our proven track record of successful projects. As a flex PCB manufacturer in china, our experts are able to provide you with the flex PCB production and assembly services to meet all your specific needs from single component to complicated box builds.

Flex-rigid PCB as a hybrid circuit design consists of flex PCB and rigid PCB technologies in the application. The flex-rigid PCB are rigid at some points on the board and flexible at others. Therefore, the flex-rigid circuit can be folded or continuously flexed and maintain the shape of areas where need extra support. This kind of PCB are multi-layered and comprise the substrates of flexible circuit board that joined with rigid boards. This kind of PCB buries the flexible layers internally and completely penetrates the rigid sections. The flex-rigid PCB has well-performance even in the harshest environments, especially in that extreme heating environment. It is easy to test a rigid-flex board, and suitable for making prototyping.

The flex-rigid PCB is widely used and highly suitable for aerospace, military, medical devices, and commercial products. The main benefits of flexible circuit boards is to save the product internal space, reduce the valume of finished products, and improve the performance of products.

UETPCB specialize in advanced flex-rigid PCB manufacturing with over 15 years experiences and technical expertise, offers world-class, cost-effective PCB production to develop custom flex-rigid PCBs for any specific applications.

The LED PCB is the ideal material of the circuit board for LED lights. Compare with traditional rigid PCBs, the LED PCB coat the thermally conductive thin layer of dielectric material, and more efficient to dissipate heat. Nowadays, LED light circuit boards can be used as Automobile lights, plant growth lights, traffic lights, etc. LED circuit board, MCPCB LED, are the other names of LED PCB.

As the core of LED lighting, the LED PCB might create a high volume of heat. Using metal core PCB is a solution for LED application, because of its ability to dissipate heat. Therefore, aluminum is often used in the PCB fabrication of LED light. Compare with traditional rigid PCB, aluminum PCBs can transfer and dissipate the heat because of their thin layer of thermally conductive dielectric material.

UETPCB provides effective, affordable PCB LED Lighting solutions with our many years understanding industrial experience and manufacturing skills. We committed to offering customer satisfaction by providing high quality LED PCB manufacturing, components procurement and assembly services. We can work with you to develop metal core/aluminum circuit boards customized to your specific applications.

The cable harness is also called the wire harness, wiring harness, cable assembly, and wiring assembly. A cable harness is an assembly of electrical cables, electrical power, or wires which transmit signals. the basic cable harness includes three discreet components and the more classic harnesses might include many more wires and other passive, and potentially active components.

How many ends the harness has is the distinction between wire harness assembly and cable harness assembly. A cable harness usually has just two ends, while a wire harness has multiple branches/ends that runoff in many different directions with multiple terminations on each branch. Cable harnesses have more advantages over loose wires and cables in the industries like automobiles, as well as construction machinery. Manufacturers binding the many wires and cables into a cable harness, the wires and cables can be better secured against the adverse effects of abrasions, moisture, and vibration. Cable harnesses can optimize the usage of space, and decreased the risk of a short by constricting the wires into a non-flexing bundle.

UETPCB is an EMS contract manufacturer that provides wire and cable harness assembly, our ability to provide fast turn prototyping and short run manufacturing to mass production, complete verification, testing and certification, and full-scale supply chain management services.

Box build also named system integration creates a completely finished assembly of products for customers. This process includes but not only the PCB fabrication, extending to electromechanical assemblies, such as components installation, electronic project box fabrication, and cables or wire harnesses. Box build can refer to the PCB assembly (PCBA) in a cabinet full of wires. The project enclosure can be made ba metal, plastic, and aluminum, and a fully integrated electro-mechanical system with pneumatics and electronics.

As a professional EMS solutions manufacturers, we provide not only PCB assembly services but also electronic box build services. We provide a full electrical and mechanical box build assembly service according to your requirements. Our box build assembly services include system-level assembly, product assembly, sub-level product assembly, software loading, packaging and labeling, testing, product configuration, aftermarket service, warehousing, and traceability.

UETPCB experienced in developing a customized turnkey manufacturing solution for highly complex and configurable box build assembly requirements, also we are flexible to accept turnkey, consignment, and hybrid material solutions per customer requirements. If you have any box build job, please contact us for a fast quote.

UETPCB provides customers with 15 years of experience in advanced

PCB Assembly technology from prototyping, low volume to high volume global manufacturing



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Management of international standard quality system, High-end automatic precision production equipment, informationized and intelligentized management system for production processes, reliable quality to get customers fully recognized.


Service: 24Hours customer support, fast turn times.

Manufacturing: 8/24Hours expedited service provided for PCB fab &PCB assembly China.

Shipping: 3-6Business days ship to worldwide.


Using advanced techniques to improve production efficiency and quality, abundant experience to avoid quality risks. 6 latest automated lines to handle SMT, through-hole, high-mix technology.


An experienced china pcb factory of management elites, engineers, programmers and SMT & soldering technicians to supply high quality PCB manufacturing , PCB assembly services, provide professional technology support and warranty support.

How do UETPCB to control the quality of component?

As a professional China PCB manufacturer, UETPCB values the quality of electronic components it used. We are trying to provide the best China PCB manufacturing, China PCB assembly service, thus how to select the high-quality electronic component with affordable price is still our focused problem. The right electronic components will promote make a work efficiency of China PCB manufacturing, China PCB assembly for us, and high-quality printed circuit boards of our customers.

We all know that electronic components are the key to the entire printed circuit board assembly and manufacturing process. Only when the correct parts are soldered to the bare printed circuit board can the printed circuit board work properly and function as intended. UETPCB has been in the electronics industry for over a decade and has extensive resources and experience in PCB assembly in China. As the best China pcb manufacturers, we serve our customers better and entirely save their time wasted in sourcing various electronic components with less hassle and more efficiency. We prefer to procure all electronic components in the BOM on behalf of our customers. We will strictly follow the BOM list for component procurement based on the principle of “quality” and “price.”

Our component sourcing team orders components directly from the original manufacturer or from an officially appointed agent or distributor. Under the premise of official channels and reliable quality, we choose trustworthy electronic material manufacturers to obtain better prices and help our customers achieve maximum value for money.

The electronic materials distribution industry has different channels, mixed up with each other, and a great difference in quality and price. Only those China PCB manufacturing, China PCB assembly manufacturers that have long close cooperation with them are likely to accumulate advantageous resources in this field and gradually improve the supply chain. UETPCB committed to providing customers with more efficient, more professional, more reliable electronic manufacturing services, we established a strong partnership with the original NXP, Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Farnell, element14, Digi-key, and Mouser, UETPCB promise: “Without your approval, will not use any alternative material.

With an independent warehouse management system, UETPCB can keep long-term storage for the commonest used electronic components, and provide the long-term, rapid delivery of the printed circuit boards to customers. You can test and trace every electronic component from quotation – procurement – warehousing – storage – assembly, and every step follows strict system standards. China pcb manufacturer adhere to strict quality standards applicable to all areas of industry and trying to satisfy all requirements of our customers.

As a Chinese pcb manufacturers, UETPCB is trying to provide high-quality PCB service. If you are finding excellent PCB made in China, or well-service PCBA suppliers, we are the good choice for you.

What are the reliability evaluations in the Turnkey PCB assembly production?

China PCBA manufacturing is by no means a blend of incorporating substance procurement on the grounds of SMT processing. Any issue of any substance will impact the general effect of PCBA plank, which require us to have enough substance detection capability, provider management capability, technical evaluation ability and dependability evaluation capacity.

The turnkey PCB assembly production is a kind of printed circuit board assembly service that is very convenient for customers to have high-quality PCBs. Nowadays, most China PCB manufacturing and China PCB assembly manufacturers have the turnkey PCB assembly production service. UETPCB as a professional China PCB manufacturing and China assembly manufacturers, provides the best turnkey PCB assembly production service. You will find the specific page on our website where have more information about the turnkey PCB assembly production service we provided.

Reliability testing is frequently ignored by turnkey China PCB assembly manufacturers, who often think that so long as the PCBA plank is tested without any problems, and the PCBA plank is going to be approved by end clients. But lots of PCBA boards have deadly defects like short service life and shaky to use in terminal goods, that are a result of the collapse of PCBA China PCB supplier to rigorously execute reliability evaluations.

The way to perform the reliability evaluation of PCBA board?

1 .Functional Testing

Functional evaluation is employed as the last PCBA manufacturing measure. It China PCB supplier a pass or fails determination on completed PCBA planks and validates that China PCB assembly products hardware isn’t any flaws before they’re sent. It may check the performance of this item anywhere from 50 percent to 100 percent of the PCB assembly products being sent thereby decreasing time and effort on the OEM to test and fix it.

2 .Aging Screening

The PCBA plank with evaluation function OK was put under certain humidity and temperature requirements, and repeated switching on and off, simulated purpose performance, load performance etc were completed. The equilibrium of this PCBA board has been analyzed through constant work of 24 to 72 hours. The aging evaluation takes quite a while, making it impossible to run large-scale batch performance. In the actual procedure, the aging evaluation simply conducts sample sampling, and the total return of the batch of PCB assembly products can be decided by the pass rate of sampling evaluation.

3 .Vibration Testing

From the procedure for shipping to clients, many PCBA boards frequently have some issues brought on by vibration during transport, such as part shedding and pads fractures. Throughout the shaking test, the vibration impact from the transport can be simulated efficiently in the lab, and also the hidden risks from the PCB assembly soldering procedure can be slowly exposed. To get around the bad soldering in batch PCBA planks, and also enhance the overall return of shipping.

4 .Surge Testing

From the turnkey PCB assembly process, it’s often OK to operate under ordinary voltage, but a passing failure happens in a particular power surge. Many circuit designs aren’t perfect. They frequently don’t take into consideration the deadly effect of instantaneous voltage or current shock on the entire circuit, which takes us to run the surge testing prior to the mass production of PCBA.

5 .Packaging Testing

This evaluation can be overlooked, but might well create a funny issue: we invested a great deal of effort to generate the PCBA board’s ideal, but we dropped in the previous portion of packing and transport. Hence that the mill should simulate the packing kind of PCBA plank to run proper fall check.

The reliability testing of China PCB assembly plank isn’t confined to the aforementioned several testing. Each China PCB assembly manufacturer can talk with the client to determine the particular reliability test plan in line with the true situation, so as to offer higher quality production.

A reliable China PCB supplier has its own PCB factory, and provides professional PCBA service. Every PCB it provided is evaluated by specific inspectors to ensure the PCBA production it provided is high-quality.

What Ordinary Issues of PCB assembly To Avoid When Prototyping?

During the printed circuit board assembly processing, there must have some issues you might meet ordinarily. As a professional China pcb manufacturer, China PCB assembly service company, UETPCB has a responsibility to warn customers. China pcb manufacturer provide a complete issues solution of PCB assembly because we have rich experience in China PCB manufacturing, China assembly service industry.

Before making a PCBA quote, you must need to know some ordinary issues that might appear when prototyping. Because of the nature of PCBs, we can repairable these malfunctions easily. Now we provide some typical malfunctions to help prevent these kinds of errors.

1 .Damage in the traces

The trace of PCB is usually made of aluminum and silver. Using these kinds of materials might cause some damages to the traces. Powe surges, metallic dust contamination, and lightning strikes are the common causes of these damages. Generally speaking, people can repair these damages, and usually, any damage is easily visible.

2 .Physical harm to the PCB

This PCB failure is caused by environmental pressures or harms brought on by China PCB manufacturers during the PCB fabracation. Dropping the PCB or China PCB prototype is the commonest cause of this malfuction. This kind of malfunction can not repairable, once it occurred, the PCB itself must be substituted.

3 .Heat and humidity

Exposing PCBs to the environment of humidity and heat will cause thermal pressure. The thermal pressure might damage the electronic components and the soldering of joints. Improper copper weight or Plating issues usually cause higher stress.

4 .Faulty electronic component

The faulty components are another common reason that caused printed circuit board assembly difficulties and malfunctions. This kind of faulty includes overheating, aging, voltage surges, and corrosion, and the actual damage caused by this reason can be read with a meter.

As with all China pcb manufacturing businesses, mistakes are sometimes made during the production of PCB prototypes. However, by knowing what to look for you’ll be able to avoid PCB malfunctions and will have the ability to spot and resolve them more efficiently.

What’s UET PCB Assembly (PCBA) Quality Management?

Under the guidance of ISO9001 system and IPC-A-610E standard, UETPCB refines our internal management process, improves supply chain of electronic components management, and provides customers with quality China PCB assembly, China PCB manufacturing services. We strictly control process of design, NPI product introduction, DFM inspection, PCBA manufacturing, quality control in testing and personnel training to form a set of quality management system.

As profession China pcb manufacturer, China PCB assembly company, UETPCB has lots of strict quality management to ensure our China PCB assembly products reached and more than average standard in China PCB manufacturing, China PCB assembly industry. Our printed circuit board assembly service includes turnkey PCB assembly, components sourcing, wire harness assembly, box build assembly, prototype PCB and electronic contract manufacturing.

Our Certificates & Standards

  • *Company with ISO9001, ISO13485 and IATF16949 certificate.
  • *Production conform with IPC-A-610E standard.
  • *Strictly process control and quality control. Standardize IQC, IPQC and OQC.
  • *PCB production comply with UL, RoHS, ISO certificate.

DFM Check

Check customer’s design PCB, BOM, schematic, finished product assembly for the following items:

  • *Document version and last updated date
  • *Process: lead/lead-free
  • *Clear component designator and silkscreen
  • *Complete component’s manufacturer brand and part number, description, etc.
  • *Confirm PCB manufacturing process: material, board thickness, copper thickness, layers, finished surface, solder mask and other special technologies
  • *Correct SMT assembly files (pick & place file, diagram, programming and function testing, sample pictures)
  • *Other special requirements

New Product Introduction Meeting

Organize sales department, engineering department, production department, purchasing department, quality Department to hold NPI meeting:

  • Detailed introduction product application scope, delivery date and special requirements
  • Identify production batches, purchase and delivery quantities
  • Evaluate the difficulty and key quality control points of the project
  • Define the time of PCB manufacturing and electronic components
  • Draft production plan
  • Define customer product test plan

IQC Incoming Material Inspection

  • Check incoming electronic components batch number, part number, silkscreens are consistent with BOM
  • The incoming electronic components are placed on the PCB bare board for the fitting test of the SMD pad or through hole
  • Spot check the value of resistors and capacitors if matched with BOM
  • Checking whether there is scratch, deformation, broken and other appearance defects on the electronic components

PCBA Assembly Inspection

  • AOI inspection to detect wrong parts, missing parts, reverse parts, bad soldering and other defects
  • X-ray inspection to check BGA parts
  • Function testing to confirm finished product’s performance

UETPCB Guarantee

We provide long-term technical support and warranty support for our sold products to every customer.

UETPCB is a professional Chinese PCBA company that has its own PCBA factories and R&D base. We provide a strict PCBA production quality control and aim to offer satisfying PCBA service for every customer. If you are finding excellent PCB made in China, we are a good choice for you. Cooperating with us is so easy that only need you make PCBA quote by your email online with detail requirements.

What's the Lead Time of My PCB/PCBA Project?

Lead time of PCB manufacturing

(The lead time only for reference, accurate lead time will be quoted after UETPCB team confirmed your design files)

LayerStandard Lead Time
1L3-4Days5 Days6 Days7 Days8 Days9-10 Days
2L3-4Days5 Days6 Days7 Days9 Days10 Days
4L5-6 Days7 Days7 Days8 Days10 Days12 Days
6L6-7 Days7 Days8 Days9 Days11 Days13 Days
8L7-8 Days9 Days10 Days12 Days13 Days14 Days
10L9 Days10 Days11 Days13 Days15 Days16 Days
12L10 Days11 Days13 Days14 Days16 DaysConfirmed with files
14L11 Days12 Days14 Days16 Days18 Days
16L12 Days13 Days14 Days17 Days20 Days
18L13 Days14 Days15 Days18 DaysConfirmed with files
20L+14 Days15 Days16 Days18 Days
NOTE : PCB manufacturing expedited order with 24Hours,48Hours,36Hours,72Hours also provided by UETPCB

Lead time of PCB assembly China

(The lead time only for reference, accurate lead time will be quoted after UETPCB team confirmed your design files)

QTY(PCS)QTY of partsQTY of parts typesStandard Lead Time
1-1050203 Days
10-5050203-4 Days
50-20050203-5 Days
200-50050204-5 Days
500-100050205-7 Days
1000-300050205-8 Days
3000-500050207-10 Days
5000+5020Confirmed with files
NOTE : PCB assembly expedited order with 24Hours,48Hours,36Hours,72Hours also provided by UETPCB

Lead time of components sourcing

(The lead time only for reference, accurate lead time will be quoted after UETPCB team confirmed your design files)

Electronic PartsType of ComponentsStandard Lead Time
AIC, Connector, customized wire harness, etc.2 Weeks
BDiode, LED, Crystal, coil fuse, tantalum/electrolytic Capacitor, etc.7-10 Days
CCapacitor, Resistor, Inductor, etc.1-7 Days
Why the Price of Prototype and Small Batch PCB Assembly More Expensive?

Recently, in the reception of customers’ consultation, customers often say that we need to make small-batch PCBA. Can you do it? Sure! China pcb manufacturer are sure that it can be done because UETPCB is a professional China pcb manufacturer in Shenzhen that can provide concentrated mass production, low volume production, and sample prototype PCB production. Particularly UETPCB also customized a prototype line for small and medium batch PCB assembly. It is equipped with Swedish solder paste printing machine, selective wave soldering, X-ray machine, and professional SMT processing technicians. However, when we have in-depth communication, some customers will have great doubts about the cost, why are our prototype PCB and small-batch PCB assembly order higher than the batch price?

Usually, the cost of the manufacturing industry is made of the components, labor, and machine so do pcb fabrication assembly service.
Other facts of the higher price of small-batch PCB assembly depend on the cost of products. China pcb manufacturer all know there is a production cycle in pcb fabrication assembly. The shorter the pcb fabrication assembly, the lower price will cost. China pcb manufacturers are confident that our advanced PCB fabrication assembly machine provides a shorter production cycle than other PCB assembly manufacturing. But on the other hand, compared with mass PCB assembly production, small-batch PCB assembly production is more expensive.

Small batch PCB assembly cost mainly includes boot, engineering, stencil, according to the normal soldering pins calculation processing, etc., or simply summed up in the lowest consumption, minimum the cost of capital preservation is an electronic factory, less than the cost maybe not making money or even at a loss, a loss of business is certainly no one does.

Normal batch SMT assembly processing is generally directly by soldering pins to calculate the cost plus a stencil fee, if there is a special process needs maybe a little more expensive. The expensive part of making samples in small batches is that there is not enough quantity to share some necessary costs in the processing. There has not so much difference between 1 board or 100 boards in actual PCB assembly processing. Because it has been finished for a while and has the same machining process, such as component checking, put the sample into the system, and PCB baking temperature, SPI test, AOI inspection, SMT solder paste printing, first article inspection, aging test, the assembly packaged, or other assembly processes. All of these tests are necessary. It is the same that cost on the artificial, only that have so many quantities for cost allocation, no matter mass and small-batch can’t share. Therefore, the PCB assembly manufacturer needs to charge for boot fee or engineering cost.

In addition to the inability to compress labor costs, production efficiency will also be severely reduced. The SMT assembly processing line will stop as soon as it starts, which will undoubtedly have a great impact on production efficiency. The normal low price comes from some small workshops, quality is not guaranteed, so we do suggest that customers choose a professional China PCB assembly manufacturer to guarantee the quality and warranty. As one of the famous China pcb manufacturer, UETPCB provides high-end products and will become your best China pcb manufacturer partner to deal with your PCBA projects. If you are finding Chinese PCB manufacturer online, we will provide the best service for you.

Why UETPCB Not Use Online Quote for PCB Assembly?

With the rapid development of the Internet, some network technology companies have entered the PCB manufacturing industry. China pcb manufacturers changed the original stable and reliable production of principle, in order to save time and improve efficiency. There is no deny some official China pcb assembly online stores, but the price of the official online store price is higher than an offline business, the real advantages of price need have a lot of communication and stable cooperation can be reflected for the mass production orders. In the China pcb assembly online stores, you can often change one to another one, you can choose the one which lowest price, with no guarantee of the quality of PCB assembly products, not to mention after-sales service. In any case, exposure on the Internet also brings a certain wealth of knowledge and convenience to practitioners, as well as enthusiasts, students and individuals. Even on this convenience, real PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing factories and manufacturers will not do the online quote. As online quote maybe only suit for samples or small quantity orders in PCB and PCB assembly manufacturing.

If you search “ PCB assembly China” on google, you will find lots of Chinese PCB manufacturers online. It might be easy to create the order online, but a bit of difficult to find a high-quality China pcb assembly online service.

UETPCB always focuses on the quality of the PCB assembly service. China pcb manufacturer deeply know the disadvantage of online quote for PCB assembly. Therefore, to ensure that we can satisfy every quote for PCB assembly, and provide high-quality PCB assembly, we not use online quotes for PCB assembly. The complete quote information is beneficial for us to provide an efficient PCB assembly service for you, so please send us an e-mail with the specific information about the China PCB assembly service you want.

Then why UETPCB not use online quotation for China PCB assembly?

Many customers perfer PCB or PCBA one-stop online quotation because of its indeed convenience. This kind of convenience might really make customers feel convenient. But as a matter of fact, customers are not so convenient. The customer is not so convenient, the customer is required to update the BOM according to their BOM format, and then many electronic materials cannot be matched, so it takes a lot of time to find out the accurate customer service, and their customer service is often not so professional, However, only an email can be solved to get a perfect, detailed and responsible quotation, customers should have only sent the files and requests together with the email, wouldn’t it be more convenient.

Then PCB manufacturing or PCB assembly manufacturing itself is a rigorous process, in the PCB manufacturing or PCB assembly process need to check the customer’s BOM part number if is complete, because a part number may contain a number of versions, check whether the parts still in production and have enough stocks, the optimal batch price, mass production will need to find an alternative material to prevent the original part out of stocks and procurement convenient, to check whether there exist design defects in Gerber, as well as the quality control of materials, solder paste and PCB boards. Every product design is the painstaking work of a team, and high-quality products will bring certain value and development to society.

The PCB assembly service of UETPCB includes turnkey PCB assembly, components sourcing, wire harness assembly, box building assembly, and electronic contract manufacturing. China pcb manufacturer have advanced assembly technology, efficient delivery, and focus on details of your requirements.

China pcb manufacturer advantages of PCB assembly service:

  • Strict testings for the product of turnkey PCB assembly
  • Efficient components sourcing service
  • Advanced wire harness assembly technology and high-quality wire harness assembly products
  • Sate-out-of-art box build assembly technology and out standing box build assembly products
  • Satisfying electronic contract manufacturing

The PCB fabrication and assembly services mainly include prototype PCB and turnkey PCB, insists on not treating customers’ products as experimental products and providing the best China PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly service to our customers to keep long-term cooperation.

Easy Tips to Pick an Ideal China PCB manufacturing to Satisfy Your Industrial Needs

Doubtlessly, PCB, or even better called the printed circuit board is a vital part of the electronics sector. Lately, pcb shenzhen factories have accepted the onus of adopting new methodologies into designing efficient and new printed circuit boards, designing layouts, and different building solutions for serving many businesses. But, no matter if you have unlimited or limited financing, the fundamental requirement is to watch out for a fantastic manufacturer of China PCB manufacturing and assembly for the business.

A reliable shenzhen pcb assembly manufacturer can provide lots of convenient for your business. It not only provides high-quality China PCB assembly service to satisfy all your industrial needs, but also ships the products of printed circuit board assembly safely. And the after-service of China pcb assembly online is also included.

How to Pick a Reputable China PCB Manufacturer?

Ordinarily, it’s not an easy task to be on the watch for a trusted and authentic China PCB manufacturer on the current market, as now-a-days there are lots of China PCB manufacturers that operate a sham printed circuit board assembly and PCB manufacturing company only for the sake of making extra cash. Thus, to prevent such scenarios it’s essential that you follow particular methods and guidelines that are discussed so you save yourself some trouble and a decent quantity of money on fraudulent actions.

To begin, it’d be wise in case you buy a listing of China pcb manufacturers you might believe are real dealers. It’s not hard to get such information from areas like business meetings trade shows. Trade displays are acquitted to offer interested clients an idea about the printed circuit board assembly and PCB manufacturing products and services they’re looking ahead to purchase or invest their cash in.

It is also possible to conduct an internet search online for electronic pcb factories and gain access to different specifics about them.

If you’re conscious of particular businesses enlisted under code-compliance like DSCC, QPL, or QML listing, then you have enough advice to generate a follow-up. If these firms are found among the listing of code-compliant services, it’s known that the China pcb manufacturers have great criteria, the newest technologies, and higher quality steps for printed circuit board assembly and PCB manufacturing.

Another very best choice to approach for reputable manufacturers would be to watch out for neighborhood PCB manufacturing in your town. This is going to be a blessing for you as they may be readily achieved in the event of any issue or review processes.

If you’re a newcomer to the field, it’s best for you to take advice or help from experienced people since they may evaluate decent reliability and quality which are offered by the circuit board producers.

Now you’ve read all of the aforementioned quick strategies and tips concerning the ideal choice of pcb fabrication assembly it is also advisable in case you checked the manufacturer’s home floor facility. It’s very important to validate the history of the maker, the processes of analyzing they utilize, the on-time shipping facility they supply, and similar steps. These factors can allow you to find and finalize a fantastic maker for your organization and industrial demands.

PCB Manufacturing Processes

A self contained module of connected electronic components creates a Printed. PCBs or published are shaped with the aid of a thin layer of conducting material, either printed onto the surface plank, or running substance. Along with also a PCB made with populated digital components is known as a printed circuit assembly (PCBA).

China PCB assembly should follow a particular process, keeping in mind all of the minute particulars of its layout. To do the invention of the board, you have to follow some measures. Following are some Actions involved in Circuit Board Manufacturing:

  1. Installation– The practice of Circuit Board Manufacturing can certainly have a toll out of you, if not completed correctly. Thus, you have to care for some fundamental things like procedure, substance required, client specifications, and most importantly client’s satisfaction.
  2. Patterning | Etching– Etching doesn’t actually mean engraving but must do anything with it. Inside this, copper and other unprotected regions are subjected by the etch resist picture to eliminate the unprotected aluminum. This leaves the aluminum pads and traces set up. However, newer and advanced processed usage laser or plasma etching rather than using substances for Circuit Board Manufacturing.
  3. Engraving photographs– During this, a photograph mask is combined with chemical etching so as to subtract the aluminum areas from the published boards.
  4. Multilayer Pressing– Among the most important measures in China PCB Manufacturing. This entails aligning of conductive copper and insulating material di-electric layers. This is done in order to form a good plank material.
  5. Drilling– Quite obviously, this entails drilling of holes and the info is on saved on the place, where the pit is assumed to be drilled.
  6. Masking– A protective coating is applied within the aluminum, which has a thin coating of solder mask and aluminum traces round it. This is known as masking.
  7. Finishing– During this, the mat areas are coated with a thin solder coating. This is done so as to prepare the board for wave soldering.
  8. Electrical Testing– This is the last blow where you’re advised to look at the continuity or shorted PCB Manufacturing connections. To do it, you want to employ a voltage involving the points.

China pcb assembly is the basic of printed circuit board assembly. All the electronic component need to be installed on a well performance printed circuit board. Therefore most pcb factory regard the China PCB manufacturing as the basement of printed circuit board assembly. Every professional China PCB manufacturer has both advanced PCB manufacturing technology, and the art-out-of-state printed circuit board assembly technology. China pcb manufacturer provides an excellent PCB plank, and printed circuit board assembly make the final PCBs.

China PCB assembly takes each seconds detail in designing and Circuit Board Manufacturing is the first measure of China pcb assembly online, which is completed very carefully.


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