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China PCB Manufacturer – UET PCB

UETPCB is a professional China pcb manufacturer. We also have the best pcb assembly online technology. As an excellent pcb manufacturer, we have over 15 years of experience in pcb manufacturing and pcb assembly industry. We can solve any problem you may encounter in the PCB field.

We have our own pcb assembly factories – D&R base in Shenzhen, ready to meet any requirements of our customers. We are:

  1. Experts in electronics manufacturing
  2. Covering PCB manufacturing
  3. Parts sourcing
  4. PCB assembly services in China
  5. Turnkey pcb assembly

By partnering with us, you will receive unparalleled technical expertise and state-of-the-art one-stop PCBA solutions at competitive prices.

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PCB manufacturer in Europe

PCB Manufacturing

With over 15 years of experience in PCB fabrication, UETPCT now provides quick-turn, high-quality custom PCBs. We can manufacture 1-48 layers PCBs, standard/hi-temp FR4, flex-rigid-flex, microwave/high-speed/RF, aluminum, and hybrid board.

 PCB Manufacturing

PCB Assembly

We are professional at the PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing services. We will provide Kitted and Turn-Key mass production assemblies, and the fast and precise prototype assembly. Our PCB assembly capabilities involve thru-hole, flex/rigid, mixed, multi-layer PCB, SMT, and morel

PCB Assembly 

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Our Turnkey Electronic Manufacturing Services including PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, components sourcing, cable harness assembly and box build. So we learned that the reasonable cost, high-reliability service, on-time delivery and quick turn-around are the keys to keep our customers satisfied and how we made our business successful in contract manufacturing.

Electronic pcb Manufacturing Services

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     PCB Board PRODUCTS     

UETPCB provides multilayer PCB manufacturing from 1 to 48layers. All our multilayer PCB boards remain compliant with IPC, UL, RoHS and ISO standards. Our experts can consult with you about the design and specifications of your multilayer circuit board. We can achieve the capabilities, performance, and cost which you are expecting.

Normal standard PCBs have the vias to create the electrical connection on the normal FR-4 material. Nowadays, it has developed double-layer from the single-layer.
UETPCB provides quick-turn, high-quality custom China PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly service.
Flex PBC is also called FPC PCB, flexible PCB, and flexible printed circuit board. This kind of PCB belongs to the area of electronic and interconnection.
At UETPCB, we focus on the fabrication and assembly of flex PCB products. They can use in medical devices, telecommunication and industrial equipment. we can bring your circuit ideas into reality with our proven track record of successful projects. As a flex PCB manufacturer in china, our experts are able to provide you with the flex PCB production and assembly services.
The flex-rigid PCB is suitable for aerospace, military, medical devices, and commercial products.
UETPCB specialize in advanced flex-rigid PCB manufacturing with over 15 years experiences. We offer world-class, cost-effective PCB production. We develop custom flex-rigid PCBs for any specific applications.

UETPCB provides effective, affordable PCB LED Lighting solutions. We provide high quality LED PCB manufacturing, components procurement and assembly services. We can work with you to develop metal core/aluminum circuit boards.

UETPCB is an EMS contract manufacturer that provides wire and cable harness assembly. We can provide:
1.fast turn prototyping
2.short run manufacturing to mass production,
3.complete verification
4.testing and certification
5.full-scale supply chain management.

UETPCB accept turnkey, consignment, and hybrid material solutions per customer requirements. If you have any box build job, please contact us for a fast quote.

UETPCB provides you 

PCB Assembly technology from prototyping, low volume to high volume global manufacturing



Excellent Quality

On-Time Delivery

Professional Service

Reasonable Price



 Management of international standard quality system. High-end automatic precision production equipment. Informationized and intelligentized management system for production processes. Reliable quality to get customersy recognized.


Service: 24Hours customer support, fast turn times.

Manufacturing: 8/24Hours expedited service provided for PCB fab &PCB assembly China.

Shipping: 3-6Business days ship to worldwide.


 Using advanced techniques to improve production efficiency and quality. Abundant experience to avoid quality risks. 6 latest automated lines to handle SMT, through-hole, high-mix technology.


High quality PCB manufacturing. PCB assembly services. Provide professional technology support and warranty support.

How do UETPCB to control the quality of component?

We will follow the BOM list for component procurement .

Uetpcb order components from the original manufacturer.

Original NXP, Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Farnell, element14, Digi-key, and Mouser are our parter.

UETPCB promise: “Without your approval, will not use any alternative material.”

UETPCB can keep long-term storage for the commonest used electronic components.

You can test and trace every electronic component from:
quotation – procurement – warehousing – storage – assembly, and every step follows strict system standards.

What Ordinary Issues of PCB assembly To Avoid When Prototyping?
Before making a PCBA quote, you must need to know some ordinary issues that might appear when prototyping. Because of the nature of PCBs, we can repairable these malfunctions easily. Now we provide some typical malfunctions to help prevent these kinds of errors.

1 .Damage in the traces

The trace of PCB is usually made of aluminum and silver. Using these kinds of materials might cause some damages to the traces. Powe surges, metallic dust contamination, and lightning strikes are the common causes of these damages. Generally speaking, people can repair these damages, and usually, any damage is easily visible.

2 .Physical harm to the PCB

This PCB failure is caused by environmental pressures or harms brought on by China PCB manufacturers during the PCB fabracation. Dropping the PCB or China PCB prototype is the commonest cause of this malfuction. This kind of malfunction can not repairable, once it occurred, the PCB itself must be substituted.

3 .Heat and humidity

Exposing PCBs to the environment of humidity and heat will cause thermal pressure. The thermal pressure might damage the electronic components and the soldering of joints. Improper copper weight or Plating issues usually cause higher stress.

4 .Faulty electronic component

The faulty components are another common reason that caused printed circuit board assembly difficulties and malfunctions. This kind of faulty includes overheating, aging, voltage surges, and corrosion. The actual damage caused by this reason can be read with a meter.
What’s UET PCB Assembly (PCBA) Quality Management?


Our Certificates & Standards

  • *Company with ISO9001, ISO13485 and IATF16949 certificate.
  • *Production conform with IPC-A-610E standard.
  • *Strictly process control and quality control. Standardize IQC, IPQC and OQC.
  • *PCB production comply with UL, RoHS, ISO certificate.

DFM Check

Check customer’s design PCB, BOM, schematic, finished product assembly for the following items:

  • *Document version and last updated date
  • *Process: lead/lead-free
  • *Clear component designator and silkscreen
  • *Complete component’s manufacturer brand and part number, description, etc.
  • *Confirm PCB manufacturing process: material, board thickness, copper thickness, layers, finished surface, solder mask and other special technologies
  • *Correct SMT assembly files (pick & place file, diagram, programming and function testing, sample pictures)
  • *Other special requirements

New Product Introduction Meeting

Organize sales department, engineering department, production department, purchasing department, quality Department to hold NPI meeting:

  • Detailed introduction product application scope, delivery date and special requirements
  • Identify production batches, purchase and delivery quantities
  • Evaluate the difficulty and key quality control points of the project
  • Define the time of PCB manufacturing and electronic components
  • Draft production plan
  • Define customer product test plan

IQC Incoming Material Inspection

  • Check incoming electronic components batch number, part number, silkscreens are consistent with BOM
  • The incoming electronic components are placed on the PCB bare board for the fitting test of the SMD pad or through hole
  • Spot check the value of resistors and capacitors if matched with BOM
  • Checking whether there is scratch, deformation, broken and other appearance defects on the electronic components

PCBA Assembly Inspection

  • AOI inspection to detect wrong parts, missing parts, reverse parts, bad soldering and other defects
  • X-ray inspection to check BGA parts
  • Function testing to confirm finished product’s performance

UETPCB Guarantee

We provide long-term technical support and warranty support for our sold products to every customer.


What's the Lead Time of My PCB/PCBA Project?

Lead time of PCB manufacturing

(The lead time only for reference, accurate lead time will be quoted after UETPCB team confirmed your design files)

LayerStandard Lead Time
1L3-4Days5 Days6 Days7 Days8 Days9-10 Days
2L3-4Days5 Days6 Days7 Days9 Days10 Days
4L5-6 Days7 Days7 Days8 Days10 Days12 Days
6L6-7 Days7 Days8 Days9 Days11 Days13 Days
8L7-8 Days9 Days10 Days12 Days13 Days14 Days
10L9 Days10 Days11 Days13 Days15 Days16 Days
12L10 Days11 Days13 Days14 Days16 DaysConfirmed with files
14L11 Days12 Days14 Days16 Days18 Days
16L12 Days13 Days14 Days17 Days20 Days
18L13 Days14 Days15 Days18 DaysConfirmed with files
20L+14 Days15 Days16 Days18 Days
NOTE : PCB manufacturing expedited order with 24Hours,48Hours,36Hours,72Hours also provided by UETPCB

Lead time of PCB assembly China

(The lead time only for reference, accurate lead time will be quoted after UETPCB team confirmed your design files)

QTY(PCS)QTY of partsQTY of parts typesStandard Lead Time
1-1050203 Days
10-5050203-4 Days
50-20050203-5 Days
200-50050204-5 Days
500-100050205-7 Days
1000-300050205-8 Days
3000-500050207-10 Days
5000+5020Confirmed with files
NOTE : PCB assembly expedited order with 24Hours,48Hours,36Hours,72Hours also provided by UETPCB

Lead time of components sourcing

(The lead time only for reference, accurate lead time will be quoted after UETPCB team confirmed your design files)

Electronic PartsType of ComponentsStandard Lead Time
AIC, Connector, customized wire harness, etc.2 Weeks
BDiode, LED, Crystal, coil fuse, tantalum/electrolytic Capacitor, etc.7-10 Days
CCapacitor, Resistor, Inductor, etc.1-7 Days


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We specialize in building your prototype and production PCB assembly with rapid turn times. All our members are dedicated to providing you with exceptional support for your PCB assembly.
The industries we serve in aerospace, medical, industrial, LED lighting, consumer electronic markets and more. Our experts are available to consult you for your project.

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