Customized PCB Prototype Services

PCB prototyping is the best choice to verify the quality and performance of a design before starting a full mass production. It’s very important to work with a reliable pcb prototype manufacturer who can fabricate the sample boards fast and correct, if you need some printed circuit boards. These boards can rapidly test and verify the designs if any mistakes or potentially defects in the early stages of your projects, also order small-quantity prototype runs first is more cost-effective. UETPCB offers quick-turn PCB prototype services for PCB manufacturing and assembly at high quality and low cost. 

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15 years of custom PCB manufacturing experience, high-end automatic equipment, with a rich experience of the process engineer team to meet a variety of high difficulty and high precision PCB manufacturing.
Full set of precision automation equipment: Universe VCP, advanced laser drilling/ mechanical drilling machine, automatic silkscreen exposure machine, LDI high-precision exposure machine and AOI machine, to provide high quality guarantee for customers.


Selecting reliable brand materials to ensure product quality and strictly control the production process.
Standard material: FR4 (Shengyi, ITEQ, KB, Nanya)
High frequency materials: Rogers、Taconic、Nelco、Arlon 、Isola、F4B、TP-2
High-Tg materials: Shengyi S1000‐2, S1170, KB
Halogen-free materials: EMC EM285, EM370(D), Shengyi S1155、S1165


Maximum Layer Count 48Layers
Maximum Copper Weight 10oz
Minimum Mechancial Drill Size 0.1mm+/-0.05mm
Special technique: Impedance control, Buried/blind vias, Via in pad, Edge Plating, Half-cut/Castellated Holes, Countersinks/Counterbores, Press-fit holes, Heavy Copper, Hard gold, Custom Stackup etc.


Strictly in accordance with IPC quality management system to ensure the product qualified rate of 100%.
All PCB boards are 100% electric tested, to provide high quality PCB board products.
Continuous improving quantity, technology and service to meet customers’ expectations.


Using ERP order management system, clear control of production, rigorous production process, to ensure on time delivery.
The fastest expedited PCB prototype order we can do 12 hours, customized PCB order 99% On-time delivery.
Security and efficient shipment to ensure on time delivery.


Provide 7x24hours technical support of PCB design and PCB manufacturing.
One-stop services from design to production, greatly shorten the customer’s development cycle.
One-to-one VIP service for pre-sales and after-sales.

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PCB Application

With 15 years of manufacturing experience, creating high quality PCB circuit board for the electronic industry

PCB Capability

Features Prototype Production
Minimum Trace/Spacing 3/3mil 3/3mil
Maximum Layer Count 1-48L 1-20L
Thickness 0.13-6.0mm 0.2-6.0mm
Maximum Copper Weight 10oz 10oz
Maximum Panel Size 610*1200mm 610*1200mm
Maximum Aspect Ratio 25:01 10:01
Minimum Mechancial Drill Size 0.1mm 0.15mm
Minimum Laser Drill Size 0.08mm 0.1mm
Impedance Control +/-5% +/-10%
HDI Type 5+N+5 3+N+3
For more PCB Capability details, please refer to CAPABILITIES

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