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Wire Harness Assembly

UETPCB is a professional wire harness manufacturer who has more than 15 years of experience in wire harness assembly. We provide custom wire harness services according to your requirements.

The wire harness can be devided into wiring assembly and cable harness, and the different number of ends is the distinction between the two harness. UETPCB is a professional cable assembly manufacturer, we provide high-quality cable assembly service and wire harness assembly service.

We are always trying to satisfy all the demands of customers for their prodcuts.

This includes working with each specification to allow a great product to perform and achieve top results.

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Wire Harness Industries

UETPCB provides custom cable assembly and custom wire harness for a wide spectrum of applications.

Our vast inventory of simple hand tools and semi-automatic equipment are available to meet all your required specifications.


◆Motor cables

◆Servo cables

◆Power Cables

◆Signal cables

◆Sensor cables

◆C-Tracks cables


◆R-F Assemblies

◆Data Link Assemblies

◆Potting applications



◆Cameras and Lighting

◆Fire Fighting Equipment

◆Laser Technology

◆Machine Control





Wire Harness Capabilities

We have become a reliable Chinese harness and cable assembly manufacturer because our advanced harness manufacturing and cable harness assembly technology. With our custom wire harness assembly service, you will geto our professional suggestions to help take you from your original idea to final successful product. UETPCB has cable and wire harness assemblies manufacturing and support service for customers, and you will have industrial harnesses, electromechanical harnesses, power supply harnesses, custom harnesses, and much more.

We are a professional Chinese wire harness manufacturer. Cutting, stripping, terminating, splicing, and soldering are included in our automated wire capability. We can deal with cable and wires ranging from 24 AWG to 4/0 AWG. All sizes of single wires, as well as complex wire harness assemblies are our service scope.

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Printed circuit board

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Wire Harness Assembly Process

Wiring assembly processes include but are not limited to the following:

Installing the wires and/or subassemblies on the assembly board.

Routing wires and/or subassemblies through any required sleeves.

Applying wraps, ties, or tapes, particularly on any branch-outs.

Crimping terminals onto wires, especially if more than one wire goes into one terminal.

Wire Harness Testing

UETPCB is a resonsible and professional Chinese cable harness manufacturer. We always focuses on the quality of harness manufacturing process and wire harness assembly boards. We use test board to test the electrical functionality of a cable or electrical wire harness. The test board can be pre-programmed according to the required electrical characteristics, and test individually or in multiple numbers of the completed harness by plugging it into the test board.