Military PCBs

Printed circuit boards for the military are used to a higher standard. Unlike those ordinary PCBs, because their mode of operation is so important when it comes to electronics. We offer most reliable, most secure, and most efficient printed circuit boards.

Military PCB Assembly

When designing military PCBs. the manufacturing process of the boards is a little bit critical due to the ability invested to ensure that the circuit boards perform well and function reliably and efficiently. Yet, have you even for once noticed that those military PCBs with components solidly stuck on? Never think they are just there for decoration of a PCB board. An advanced circuit board will find it difficult to function well unless components are mounted on it. An assembled PCB has components installed on it

Design Guidelines for Military PCBs

  Ensure that all the components being utilized are up to military specifications. And fulfill the requirements for functioning as expected before beginning the designing step of building the military-grade circuit boards. Here are some design guidelines you can follow:
  • Press-fit components should be soldered
  • Only military-grade components have a tolerance range between 1-2%
  • The dielectric thickness inside the stack-up layout should be 3.5 mil minimum
  • Software simulation programs are essential
  • The prescribed width of the ring for the hole in military-grade PCB design is 7-8  mils minimum
  • PCB routing should be taken care of at a 45° angle or less
  • The layout design should focus on managing the maximum current demand of the circuit
  • High-quality heat-resistant material must be used
PCB applications

Benefits of military PCB assembly

Materials as high-temperature aluminum. copper and laminates are perfect materials to use in manufacturing PCBs.

IPC-A-610E, MIL-PRF-31032, and ITAR are the recommended and major standards you should check for in every military PCB.

Most of the released boards are synonymous with high temperature and humidity, tough environments, and tough and dust chemicals.

Applications of military PCB assembly

  • Power Distribution
  • Auxiliary power units for radar control systems
  • Communications systems
  • Defense navigation systems
  • Control tower systems
  • Unmanned vehicles
  • Robotic systems
  • Jamming systems
  • Electronic countermeasures
  • Integrated Air Defense System
  • Underwater navigation systems
  • Security equipment

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