Electronic Contract Manufacturing Service

Union Electronic Technology Limited is leading the way in electronics contract manufacturing, offering PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, components sourcing, box build assembly, and wire harness assembly services to OEM’s across multiple markets.

Electronic contract manufacturing for printed circuit boards assembly that includes SMT assembly, prototype boards builds, PoP (Package on Package), BGA assembly with X-ray inspection, through-hole and mixed board assembly. Our ability to manufacture complex electronic products with precision, high-reliability, and fast turn-around.

Our 15 years of experience in Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and ISO 9001:2015 certification allow us to provide turnkey custom printed circuit board assembly services that meet all of your design needs.

With our highly qualified team of PCB and assembly experts and top of the line automated electronics assembly lines, whether you need Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly, consignment assembly or turnkey material- procurement assembly, as well as low, mid or high-volume PCB assembly. We have what is necessary to serve any need in electronics contract manufacturing and entire project efficiently.

Learning more about our electronic manufacturing services

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Advanced PCB Manufacturing

 HDI(Buried/blind vias)

 Impedance control

 Via filled with resin

 Layer Count:1-48Layers

 IPC Class 3 Standard

UL,ISO9001/13485,TS16949, RoHS etc.

 FR-4,Rogers,Arlon,Isola,Omega,Nelco,3M etc.

 Rigid/Flex/Rigid-Flex/Metal Core/Halogen-Free/Thick Copper PCB/HDI PCB

PCB Assembly

Rigid, Flex, Rigid/Flex

SMT/Thru-Hole/Mixed Technology Processing

Lead & Lead-Free Processing

High-Density/Low to High Volume Capacity

1200mm PCB Length Assembly Capability

Passive Down to 01005 Sizes

Small Pitch Down To 0.2mm

Materials Purchasing & Management

 Supply Chain Management

 OEM & Distributor Sourcing

 Certified Brokers for Obsolete and Long Lead Components

 No substitutions will be made without your approval.

 Sourcing parts from your recommended channels

 Reduces customers’ costs through global sourcing

 Saves time and resources by selecting high-quality suppliers

Wire Harness Assembly

 Crimp / BNC

 AC & DC Power

 Digital Interface


 Insulation Displacement


 Coax, Twinax, Triax, Quadrax

 D-sub, HD D-sub

Box Build Assembly





 Power Supplies

 Sub/Final Assemblies

 Software Loading

 System Integration

Advanced Test Operations

 X-Ray Inspection

 AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

 ICT (In-Circuit Test)

 Visual Inspection

 Functional Testing:

 FAI (First Article Inspection)

 Life Cycle Testing

 HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening)