Components Sourcing

UETPCB is your best partner to source components for your applications.

Our Components Sourcing Service Including:

Quality requirement review
Parts selection and procurement
Physical analysis
Radiation, temperature & vibration testing

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Our Guarantee

Our Purchasing System

UETPCB has a mature and effective components procurement system and a low-cost turn-key PCB assembly service. We have a professional team responsible for PCB components sourcing and parts management. We strictly obey the system and organized the PCB components sourcing process to solve the whole process of components and materials procurement and manage the supply chain electronic parts. We ensure we purchase all components as per the customer’s designated suppliers and manufacturers. Without your approval, will not use any alternative material.

Our Warehousing System

We adhere to strict quality standards in our PCB fabrication and assembly that is why we have been the premier PCBA manufacturers for our customers. Our independent warehouse management system provides long storage of most electronic components for customers to meet all requirements of delivery. From this system, every step is traceable and follows strict system standards. We will test every component from the processes of quotation – procurement – warehousing – storage – assembly.

Our Partners

UETPCB team has established a strong partnership with the original  NXP ATMEl TI or Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Farnell, Future Electronics, Chip1stop, WPG,  Digi-key and Mouser.  Our professional procurement service will provide a very affordable discount price for you. We focus on the things we are best suited for and try our best to save more time and cost for customers.