double sided pcb

What Is HDI PCB?

The full name of HDI PCBs is High Density Interconnector Printed Circuit Board that features a higher wiring density per unit area more than conventional printed boards. Appropriately used in high-layer count and fine laminated boards, HDI PCBs have sophisticated line and spaces, minor vias and capture pads, and higher density of connection pad density. HDI PCBs have great electrical performance and lighter weight and smaller size of the equipment. Therefore, the HDI circuit board has become the better option for costly laminated and high-layer count circuit board.


High-speed, small size, high-frequency, advanced technology, high-density.

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double sided pcb

Application & Advantages

Though HDI PCB has a complex manufacturing process, it has a wide range of applications. It can be used in various industries, such as electronic, medical industry. The lighter weight and small size give it appropriate reasons to be installed in miniature equipment.

HDI PCB is consumer-driven that fit for more and more delicate and sophisticated electronic equipment. Nowadays people prefer agility electronic equipment because of its convenience and lightweight. HDI PCB makes the equipment small and smart. It is thin and light, also features high-end technology, and high-speed operation capability.

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double sided pcb
What Is HDI Technology?

HDI technology is a high-end technology used to manufacture HDI PCBs. This kind of printed circuit board features high density and well performance in circuit interconnection, so people also known it as high density interconnect PCB. Nowadays, HDI printed circuit boards has become one of the fastest growing technologies in printed circuit board industry.

According to the vias, HDI boards can be divided into 6 different types:

  • Face to face through vias
  • Through vias and buried vias
  • Two or more layer with through vias
  • Non-electrical connection and passive substrate
  • Coreless construction with layer pairs
  • Alternate constructions of coreless constructions with layer pairs

HDI Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

An advanced HDI technology is included of via in pad process, via fill technology, non-conventional HDI PCB building, and laser drill technology.

Via in pad process: in this process, HDI PCB manufacturers place bias on the surface of the flat lands, and fill the vias with conductive or non-conductive epoxy, then capped and plated over. Finally make the via invisible.

Via fill technology: professional HDI printed circuit board manufacturers will select the most appropriate materials for the PCB. Generally speaking, silver filled, conductive epoxy, non conductive epoxy, electrochemical plating, and copper filled are the suitable fill materials for HDI PCBs.

Non-conventional HDI PCB building: HDI PBCs must combine more lines and annular ring on a thin, high-density board. Therefore to create an advanced HDI PCB should make lots of efforts on the board design and manufacturing equipment.

Laser drill technology: using a laser beam of light 20 microns in diameter can create the smallest vias on the surface of HDI PCBs. This high-energy light is precise and efficient that can cut through metal and glass to make the tiny via hole.

How to Find A Reliable Chinese HDI PCB Manufacturing?

Might there are some misunderstandings for Chinese PCB manufacturers, thinking that they provide cheap but inferior products. Actually, no matter what country it is, the high price always means high quality, because not only durable PCB materials and sophisticated PCB designs but also excellent equipment of PCB manufacturing and assembly. If the PCB company has its own R&D basic, it might price relatively high for its products.

But the reason for the lower product price of Chinese manufacturers is not the unreliable product quality or inferior PCB fabrication and assembly equipment, but the local market and policy.

Reasons why the price of flex PCB in China is cheap than in other countries:

A crowded market stimulate advanced technology

Chinese PCB market has established more than 15 years having completed system of PCB services. Fierce market competition is the addiction to the development of the Chinese PCB market, while the competition creates a competitive PCB market environment where need Chinese PCB manufacturers need to persistently improve their PCB manufacturing technology to provide competitive products. But because of the market environment, the price is relatively lower than European.

Lower cost labor with efficient production

There also has a competitive employment market in China resulting in lots of efficient labor with lower labor costs. China nowadays can achieve mass PCB manufacturing and assembly in a high-efficient that lowers the time cost and provide an affordable price with the same quality as developed countries.

High-quality PCB service

As the PCB market mature, Chinese PCB manufacturers have the capability to provide satisfying full-service from PCB manufacturing to deliver only with your requirements online. The Internet provides a chance for every PCB company to buy PCB online.