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Want to know more processes about the PCB manufacturing and PCB Assembly?

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Using PCB layout software, combines component placement and routing to define electrical connectivity on a printed circuit board.

Schematic Diagram

Converting a schematic into a PCB Layout

single sided pcb

Component Placement

Placing required components within a determined board dimensions and mechanical positioning.

PCB production

PCB Routing

Adding physical wires to properly connect the placed components on a PCB layout.


Confirm PCB details of quantity and specifications, send required files to get a quote.

NO MOQ (minimum order quantity) ,1 piece of prototype to mass production is accepted.

Confirm PCB details including the PCB thickness, copper thickness, material, surface finish, color of solder mask and silkscreen and other special requirements for PCB manufacturing or PCB assembly.

Gerber files with the RS-274X format should include all information of PCB, such as silkscreen layer, copper layer, solder mask layer, outline layer, drill layer, etc.

The BOM(Bill Of Materials) is a list of all the components, should include reference designator, part number, manufacturing number, parts value, description, footprint, etc.

Also known as centroid file, shows X and Y Coordinate of each part, it should include component locations, rotations and reference designators.

Assembly drawing help us easy find the position of all components on the PCB, the orientation of components, as well as help engineer check the assembly result by comparing it with assembled PCBs.

To make sure the boards performance, normally need the IC program and final functional test before shipping. All the files, tools and steps of programming and testing are required.

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Prototype order will be made according to your design and send to you for approval.

For custom PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly, prototype fee will be charged according our official quote.

Payment terms: 100% prepay for the prototype order, PayPal and Bank Transfer accepted.

Fabrication time: Follow UETPCB’s official quotation you received.

Shipping time: PCB boards will be shipped with FedEx, DHL or other forwarders you requested, normally shipping time is 3-5working days.

Any questions will be solved together if there is any issue with the prototype order, until it works perfectly and get your approval.


We will send over a Proforma Invoice for your Purchase Order.

We have flexible payment terms for our new and regular customers, you can contact your service here if any question for the payment.Towards a satisfying business, our Principle is “Honesty, Cooperation, Innovation, Professional” to build long-term relationships with customers, so factory visit is always welcomed.


After getting your payment, we will start the Bulk production, and strictly control the production process and quality.

pcb production

100% Tested

We guarantee all boards will be tested via AOI, X-RAY, Visual Inspection during PCB manufacturing or PCB assembly process and as well as functional test if needed.

Printed circuit board

Custom Packaging and Labeling

Custom Packaging and Labeling services are provided if you have demands, you can let us know your requests, we will arrange for you.

single sided pcb

Conformal Coating Provided

We provide conformal coating services for our assembled boards, it helps to protect PCB circuits and electronic components from harsh environments, so that the boards can keep long time working.

Communication equipment

Enclosure/Box Build Provided

We also provide the box build service for your final products, if you want someone to supply the full electronic manufacturing services at one factory to save time and cost, just send us the files and instructions, we will help you out.

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Your PCB boards will be shipped on time


All PCBA boards, we shipped with anti-static packaging to prevent chips are broken by static electricity and Shock-proof packaging to prevent shaking when transportation.


Fastest & Costly, we can use express delivery to send the boards if you need them in a hurry, shipping time 1-2 working days.


Our standard shipment is sending the boards via DHL, FedEx or special logistics line by air, normal time is 3-5 working days.


Sea shipping is the most economical way for large quantity manufacturing.