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Turnkey PCB Assembly

UETPCB has advanced China turnkey PCB assembly services. Now, our both rigid and flexible products has been used in the industries of automotive, aerospace, industrial, telecommunication, and other markets.

We are professional PCB fabrication and assembly company. Our turnkey pcb assembly services includes PCB procuring components, assembly, testing, delivery, and aftermarket. We also have warrenty support and have advanced PCB assembly turnkey service.

All our design, prototyping, and assembly processes adhere to the regulations laid in IPC-A-610 Class 2 and Class 3.

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Our PCB Assembly Capabilities

Testing & Inspection Capabilities

 AOI (Automated Optical Inspection): This testing to check whether any components are missing, the solder paste and the polarity.

X-ray: This testing is commonly performed on Quad-flat No-lead (QFN) PCBs, and Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs).

ICT (In-Circuit Test): In-circuit testing will check whether there are any shorts, or opens in the circuit. It will ensure the China turnkey PCB assembly is done right by checking the resistance, capacitance, and other quantities.

Visual Inspection: visual inspection involves a general quality check of the circuit board.

FAI (First Article Inspection): checking the first sample soldering before production run.

Functional Testing: check the functionality of the PCB, and ensure whether the performance is according to the expectations.

 Life Cycle Testing

 HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test)

 HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening)

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Why choose UETPCB as Partner for Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Services?

Union Electronic Technology offers all the advantages of turnkey PCB manufacturing and full turnkey PCB assembly service with fast turnaround times and an affordable budget. Our primary mission is to continually provide high-quality PCB &PCB Assembly services that make us the best choice for your electronic manufacturing.


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