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What Is Double Sided PCB?

A double sided PCB is a critical PCB board in the circuit board.

Double sided printed circuit board is an acronym for double sided printed circuit board. Paths and line holes can connect electrically to various electronic components on the printed board circuit.

Can use ddouble sided circuit boards for electronic communication equipment with high requirements, advanced instruments, and good performance of electronic computers. It usually perforates in the middle of the board to connect double sided pcb.

The manufacturing process of double sided printed circuit boards is different from that of ordinary printed circuit boards. It has an additional copper precipitation process. (I.e. the process of turning on the double-sided circuit)bt that its biodegradable mesh bag will meet all your requirements.

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Difference between Double Sided PCB and Single Sided PCB.

The single-sided PCB has a layer of conductive material. Generally, use it in simple electronic devices. Double layer PCB has a layer of conductive material on both sides. Usually can use it in more complex circuits and equipment. Due to the current technological development, single sided printed circuit boards cannot provide enough space and power. Therefore, double sided circuit boards gradually replaced it in some electronic devices. Simultaneously, because the double sided printed circuit board’s surface has copper plating, tin coating, and so on, it can withstand high temperatures better than single-sided printed circuit boards.

Today’s high-end electronic products are constantly compressing the space design of products to achieve lightness and thinness. Single sided circuit boards can no longer meet the needs of high-end electronic equipment. So people invented the double-sided circuit board. The double sided circuit board is the upper and lower circuit boards. In addition to placing electronic circuits on the surface, it can stack multiple layers of courses inside to identify more complex circuits.

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Advantages of Double Sided PCBs:

The double sided PCB board is an advanced printed circuit board. It has two conductive copper layers on both sides. So it can print electrical parts on both sides. In electronic applications, double sided PCB supports more OK circuit routing. Therefore, the utilization rate of double sided PCB is higher than that of single sided PCB.

The double sided circuit board solves the problem of interleaving single-sided PCB wiring, and it can better increase the conductive path.

At the same time, double-sided PCB boards can add more components and have more space as needed. It can also reduce the circuit board’s size and use a more flexible design to make the most desired double sided PCB board. And it can save cost better and achieve good circuit performance and heat dissipation function.

Nowadays, double-sided PCBs are widely used in electronic equipment. For various applications, it enables greater flexibility and more complex circuits in the design. Double sided PCB has a more reliable performance in production, assembly and actual use.

To summarize:
*Small size, high flexibility
*Reduce overall cost
*More powerful

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Why You Need Double Sided PCB?

High-tech is developing rapidly in all walks of life. The equipment and technology they need to put forward higher and higher requirements on the circuit board. Single sided circuit boards can no longer meet the needs of high-tech. So people have developed double sided PCB boards, but why do researchers choose to manufacture double sided circuit boards?

All double sided printed circuit boards have two copper circuit protection layers on both sides to further protect the circuit board. At the same time, PCB designers improved the double-sided PCB boards’ layout based on single sided PCB boards. Both the top and bottom circuit boards can use through-hole routing, and the lines can be close to each other, and more lines can be placed.

These conditions have confirmed the broad application of double sided printed circuit boards in current electronic equipment. Through the above analysis, I think a double-sided PCB is more suitable for you.


How to choose the right Double Sided PCB?

Since the use of double sided PCB boards is very wide now. How you choose the right double sided printed circuit board among many PCB boards is particularly important. To keep pace with the times, circuit board manufacturers have developed double sided circuit boards.
So how do you choose the right double sided printed circuit board?
First: check the thickness and specifications of the double sided circuit board. As the cost of manufacturing double-sided printed circuit boards continues to increase, some manufacturers may cut corners. They will continue to reduce material costs and production costs.
Second: Whether the circuit board is short circuited during the use of the circuit board. (because some manufacturers, to save costs, skip the steps of electrical testing when making the circuit board) You should also check whether the circuit board is hot during use.

In short, when buying a circuit board, you must look at the price and the quality of the board.

Production process of double sided circuit pcb board

You need to prepare the tools and materials when making double sided circuit boards: Double sided copper-clad heat transfer paper, sandpaper, scissors, oily pen, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, hand drill, soldering iron, twisted pair, paper tape, soldering iron, Solder, rosin, etc.

the outer layer and the inner layer together form a double sided pcb board. The following mainly describes the outer layer production process of the double sided circuit board.

The first step in the production of the outer layer of the circuit board, copper processing, that is copper plating. In the second step, the circuit is etched, and the tin-plated is stripped off, and finally, the production of the outer circuit is completed.

Industrial personnel usually use two methods of “braking optical inspection CCD and laser”. The former mainly uses reflection effects to judge whether there is a short circuit. The second method is to use laser AOI to produce different fluorescence intensity after reflecting on the copper surface to consider a short course.

Applications of Double Sided PCBs

Now double sided circuit boards are an indispensable part of electronic equipment. With the development of the times, people’s demand for electronic products has increased, leading to increased demand for circuit boards. Nowadays, use double sided PCBs in many electronic devices, such as mobile phones, electronic toys or household appliances. Double sided PCB boards play an essential role in the mass production of fixed circuits and optimizing electrical equipment layout. Our typical daily applications for double blade PCBs are ARE, APPLICATIONS, UPS SYSTEMS.ect

Circuit board recycling technology

The number of our electronic products continues to increase, and consequently, a large amount of electronic waste is generated. From the perspective of environmental protection and resource recycling, discarded printed circuit boards contain many harmful substances. In the past, recycling of discarded printed circuit boards has become a very troublesome problem. But now, a new type of waste printed circuit board recycling technology has emerged. Therefore, the current circuit board recycling equipment performs harmless treatment on the discarded circuit boards, and at the same time, can reuse a large number of precious resources.

Now the environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment has achieved harmless recycling. The recycling efficiency is higher, and the effect is better. First, remove the components on the circuit board from the base plate; then sort and store the disassembled parts; then crush the removed circuit board. This operation process effectively solves the environmental pollution problem caused by the scrapped circuit board. Therefore, if you are an environmental enthusiast, you can now rest assured to buy double sided circuit boards. There is no need to worry about environmental pollution caused by discarded double-sided circuit boards.

Disadvantages of double sided pcb

This is also an issue that everyone cares about. Double sided circuit boards have advantages and disadvantages. The most significant burden of double sided PCBs may be heat generation. Since double sided printed circuit boards can place more circuits than ordinary circuit boards, heat is inevitably generated. However, the double sided circuit board’s surface has a special coating, which can effectively solve this problem. So don’t worry too much.

Another slight disadvantage is that double sided circuit boards require wiring on both sides of the circuit board. Which means that there must be proper circuit connections between the two circuit boards. But with the continuous development of double sided PCB, this problem has been well solved. Its excellent circuit is more conducive to saving production costs so that the circuit performance and heat dissipation of the circuit board is better.