What is your main area of expertise – prototype or production PCBs?

We have profassional facilites to deal with prototypes and manufacture PCBs at a time without compromising on quality or delivery time.

What if I have a problem?

We are 100% committed to your complete satisfaction. If you ever have a problem of product or service inferior in quality, please contact your sales here. And if you can provide photos, it will help us investigate and give you solutions quickly. It is our promise that the matter will be resolved quickly and in line with your expectations.

Can i get a quote after hours?

Sure, after you submit a inquiry via email or website, we will contact and quote you with in 24hours.

What are the hours of business?

Our office hours are 9:00am to 6:00pm. But we offer 24×7 for quote, order status and technical support.

What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

There is no MOQ for new designs,1 piece is accepted.

Where is UETPCB located?

Our offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Shenzhen of china, the world electronic center.

How long has UETPCB been in business?

Since 2005, We provided quick turn printed circuit boards and turnkey PCBA Solutions from prototype to production for over 5000 customers.

Why choose UETPCB for my PCB projects?

Union Electronic Technology Limited with over 15 years in PCB and PCB Assembly area in China who primary mission is to continually provide high-quality PCB &PCB Assembly service. We may not be the cheapest but certainly we are the most economical.

If i want to re-order a PCBA that you have manufactured for me before, should I send you my files ?

No. we will keep all customers’ data, so just provide an item description or project name in your purchase order.

How can I pay?

We accept payments by PayPal, cash, bank transfer (T/T) or VISA. However, we will charge a 3% PayPal fee of the total amount.

Does your PCB/PCBA pricing include GST /Import Tariff?

No. Our prices exclusive GST /import tariff

What is IPC and do you follow IPC standards?

We strictly follow IPC 6012 Class 2 and 3 for manufacturing.

What’s file formats we should upload for PCB?

We normally work with Gerber files (RS274X format). However, Altium Designer/DXP/Eagle is the most common format we also can accept. Other files please contact your sales to confirm.

Can I supply components?

Yes. However, please note that components exported to our offshore assembly facility will incur customs duty and may delay the project.

How do you handle unused or unpopulated components?

We can keep in our stock or return to you, whatever you prefer.

What's your lead time?.

Our standard lead time for production assembly starts from 10-15 working days after availability of all components and PCB. Prototype assembly will be quicker and we can provide expedited services as well. The lead time main depend on components.

How do you control quality during assembly?

We have strict quality control throughout the phase of assembly. Visual Inspection, X-ray Inspection, AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), ICT (In-Circuit Testing)…

Do you have UL approval and ISO certification?

Yes.we have it ,if you need , please contact your service at UETPCB.

What guarantee do you offer on your assembly services?

*100% Genuine Parts *100% NO Replacement Guarantee

Can you do partial assembly?

Yes. However, we need to konw which parts should be mounted and which ones ignored.

What information I need to give you so that you can quote my PCB assembly requirement?

PCB design files e.g. gerbers, NC drill data, technical specification etc. BOM (Bill of Material) – Please include manufacturer’s name and part numbers Assembly drawings or picture of already assembled boards, Pick & Place file (Centroid fiIe)

What should I include in a BOM?

Reference designators ,part number, manufacturer’s name and part number ,Vendor name (e.g. Digikey, Mouser, element14 etc.), Vendor part number ,Part Quantity ,Any other information

What is your privacy policy?

Please refer our Privacy Policy.