The Top 15 PCB Manufacturers in Europe

The European Institute of European PCB manufacturer Conference was held in Copenhagen, and Mr. Walt Custer in Custer Consulting Group delivered a speech on European PCB manufacturer and developing trend of PCB board industry.

Mr. Custer listed the 15 largest European PCB Manufacturers during his presentation. If you want to know more information of these  PCB manufacturers in Europe, please see the list of European PCB manufacturers below.


The leading PCB manufacturers in Europe AT&S  manufactures and designs high-end PCB board used in various areas like medicine, aviation, and measurement technology. And as the global PCB manufacturers in Europe for IC substrates, it produces semiconductor substrates for cameras, phones, computers, portable music players. With 9500 employees worldwide, the European PCB manufacturer owns production plants in Europe and Asia and each of them focuses on specific technological portfolio. The Austrian plants concentrate on European market, emphasizing connection with customers, quick production and specialized application of printed circuit board. The Indian and Korean plants of the European PCB manufacturer mainly provide small and medial batch production of PCB board to customers in automobile industry.

02.Ruwel Group

As a European PCB manufacturer, RUWEL was established in 1945 by Mr. Fritz Stahl, and its headquarter has been in Geldern of Germany. There were 1500 European PCB manufacturers in the1990s, while there were only about 100 larger PCB  manufacturers in Europe left due to impact from production in China. In 2009, one of the leading  PCB board manufacturers,  Unimicron Group from Taiwan acquired the European PCB manufacturer  Ruwel Group. With annual profit of $2 billion, the European PCB manufacturer mainly provides one-stop service to European automatic customers. After the acquisition, the PCB manufacturer in Europe has got further development and more investment. Renowned as the oldest European PCB manufacturer, Ruwel concentrates on small volume products of high tech for customers in industries like automobile, and renewable energy. As a European PCB manufacturer, Ruwel is able to provide high-end PCB board both for Asia and Europe for its devices in China. If any problem occurs in Europe, it also has the ability to solve it in China. Thus the European PCB manufacturer ensures reliability in its supply capability as the leading European PCB manufacturer.

03. Wurth electronic

PCB board is more than component holder, and is crucial for PCB manufacturer in Europe. As the leading PCB manufacturer in Europe, Wurth Electronic takes it into account and actively helps its PCB board customers in the progress, and offers solutions in all issues related to electronic design. The leading PCB manufacturer in Europe, Wurth electronic, offers three kind of PCB board of different dimensions, including bendable, flexible and flex-rigid PCB board. The total trend for European PCB manufacturer in PCB manufacturing is miniaturization and smaller casing of the three dimensions is preferred now. The European PCB manufacturer serves PCB manufacturer for hobbysit. There are several advantages of the European PCB manufacturer: cheap PCB manufacturing, weight reduction and high-quality signal. And PCB board in the European PCB manufacturer Wurth electronic usually is applied to automotive, aerospace, industry and medicine.  Also, with USB 3.0 standards under UL certification, customers can use the products in the European PCB manufacturer for tools, vision systems and sensors.

04. Multek

For over ten years, Mutrlek, the PBC manufacturer in European has been a strong PCB  manufacturer in Europe for multilayer PCB manufacturing. Mutrlek provides new product introduction used in mass production with early prototypes.The leading PCB manufacturer in Europe produce double-side, rigid-flex, single, and multilayer printed circuit boards annually and can satisfy customers’ various requirements by offering a wide range of flexible PCB board. Mutlek of the leading PCB manufacturer in Europe only use qualified materials through evaluation methodology. With more than 17 evaluation steps, the leading European PCB manufacturer, Mutlek ensures electrical and thermal characteristics meet IPC specifications. Then all qualified material will be optimized for mass –production suiting to every of the European PCB manufacturers. Then the lab in the PCB manufacturer in Europe will evaluate these materials together with suppliers to ensure the optimum quality of printed circuit board and laminates. For the uniqueness of every PCB board, Mutlek and its members in field application engineering make a specification review to define every technical details according to customers’ specific requirements for PCB boards.

05. Fuba

As a cheap European PCB manufacturer, Fuba was founded in 1991 and has become one of the leaders of PCB boards. As the leading PCB manufacturer in Europe, Fuba manufactures printed circuit boards going into ISO and OHSAS standard and are mainly used in fields like automotive, telecommunication, medicine and industry. The European PCB manufacturer follows the strategies below: improve technological level to 26 layers and develop new technology of printed circuit board. In the two PCB processes of the European PCB  manufacturer, Fuba use automatic cutting devices to cut materials according to format and size decided by engineering department of the European PCB manufacturer. Then Fuba, the PCB manufacturer in Europe, uses modern machines to drill. The machines provide various options, like laser detectors ensuring the quality for drilling holes. Fuba as a PCB manufacturer in Europe utilizes optical detection machines to test every pin for drilling in PCB board.

06. Cire Group

Cire Group is the No.1 French PCB manufacturer and No.7 European PCB manufacturer with 540 employees and 8 plants. Sixty M€ for PCB board manufacturing, 7% investment and 30% export make Cire the 6st European PCB manufacturer in France. As one of the biggest European PCB manufacturers, Cire goes standards of ISO, UL and ESA. Also, because of space research, the PCB manufacturer in Europe is ESA certified and is EN9100 certified due to its military and civil research. Its ultra-modern facility concentrates on PCB boards of high tech with standard lead time and prototype. The PCB manufacturer in Europe can develop these sectors for acquired know-how. Its R&D teams contact closely with its headquarter and ensure reliable duplication for customers.

07. Eurocircuits

Eurocircuits is a cheap PCB manufacturer in Europe and manufactures prototypes in its German and Hungarian PCB manufacturing factories. Eurocircuits produces medium volumes in its Indian PCB manufacturing factory as a unique customer service. Founded in 1991 in Belgium, it has about 600 employees in Europe and Asia now. It deals with over 1 million orders of printed circuit boards annually for almost 11,000 active customers. Producing and assembling of customers’ prototype and small batch of PCB board in the first time is its goal and mainly serves PCB manufacturer for hobbyist. To reach the goal, the leading PCB manufacturer in Europe,  Eurocircuits offers free online tool for DFM checks backed by its team for multilingual customer support. And proficient in order pooling, as the PCB manufacturer in Europe,  Eurocuits realizes cheap PCB manufacturing. Order pooling is the combination of different orders of same production of PCB board to maximize the usage, thus to reduce the cost of printed circuit board and allow quicker Standard Deliver Terms.

08. Schweizer Electronic

Established in 1894, Schweizer Electronic as a European PCB manufacturer now is managed by the 6th generation of the Schweizers. Schweizer Electronic now is the No.8  European PCB manufacturers and the most modern complex PCB board manufacturers. With the PCB board manufactured by  Schweizer Electronic, mountain bikers will better use the power of leg and lung. While with PCB board manufactured by other companies,  it is impossible for them with more currents switched and more heats dissipate. Viewed as an effective sport, running can be done almost whenever and wherever you are. As one of cheap printed circuit board manufacturers,  Schweizer use system cost cut to realize similar effect. Schweizer aims to know all systems and solutions for manufacturing affordable and efficient PCB board system.

09. Aspocomp

Situated in Oulu, the PCB manufacturer in Europe, Aspocoxmp produces printed circuit board and has partners with Chinese and European PCB manufacturing companies. In its Qulu PCB manufacturing plants, Aspocoxmpl manufactures high-tech and demanding PCB board. The average time for delivery of printed circuit board is 3-20 days, allowing quick turn of PCB board orders which customers need. The PCB boards manufactured by Aspocomp are applied in various areas including semiconductor, automotive electronics, security, aerospace, defense, telecom, and industrial electronics. As a long-history European PCB manufacturer, Aspocomp has over-40-year experience in manufacturing PCB and provide related service including volume supply service, quick turnaround, design support and logistics service.

10. CTS Group 

Based in Abingdon, the PCB manufacturer in Europe, CTS Group is a local telecommunication, Internet and IT products supplier and PCB board manufacturer. With experience over 30 years and extensive knowledge in cheap PCB manufacturing,  the European PCB manufacture CTS Group is now the first choice for PCB board customers in Oxford shire. It provides business solutions and services to customers who need cheap PCB manufacturing in Europe.

11. Elvia PCB

With headquarters situated in Normandy, France, Elvia PCB Group is one of PCB manufacturers in Europe in sectors of security, aerospace and railway. The European PCB manufacturer has three wholly-owned production facilities, each having a specific professional field and market position. Elvia makes a profit of 59 M€ and 450 employees. The PCB manufacturer in Europe is defined by human values as driving force, and by its dynamic and innovative quality, allowing the European PCB manufacturer to satisfy new market requirements. The Group highly invests in eco-management and every production facility and is supported by R&D team allowing its strong association with innovation.


As one of the European PCB manufacturers, KSG produces PCB operating on small scale and manufactures PCB board controlling immense installations. Despite versatility in its PCB technology, all PCBs demand  for perfection even in the samllest space. The corporation has plants in Germany, Gornsdorf and Austria. It has become the leader and pioneer of PCB manufacturers in Europe in thermal management, HF solution and high-current. The PCB manufacturer in Europe manufactures forward-looking technologies ranging from prototype to mass production for customers in sectors including automotive, electronics, medicine and electronic manufacturing service.

13. Mektec Group

Mektec Group is a leading European PCB manufacturer headquartered in Weinheim.  With 600 employees, it’s a specialist in flexible PCB including processing. The PCB manufacturer in Europe produces and develops products used in automotive industry for sensor, switch, in-car infotainment, LED, transmission control, or industrial technology and medical industry. Moreover, Mektec Europe takes charge of the distribution of European products. Nippon Mektron creates sales of 3.3 billion$ with FPC and FPC modules. The biggest sales volumes come from data technology and telecom, with 31% of total sales.


As one of leading PCB manufacturers in Europe, Eurotech is based in Devon, UK.  Eurotech continues the tradition of manufacturing high-quality PCB board for 50 years, with superb customer service and efficiency. The European PCB manufacturer is also an important supplier to global blue-chip elctronical manufacturer. Eurotech provides high-end service and products including buried and blind via, and  PTFEcircuits. Eurotech trains staff at all levels in a 2-year program, ensuring the culture of dedicated manufacturing is embedded through its operation.

15. Lab Circuits

Established in 1972, the PCB manufacturer in Europe is an independent company with facilities’ surface measuring 4,000 m2. Lab Circuits owns a team of 70 specialized professionals committed to providing the best service to clients. The European PCB manufacturer produces PCB board of 30 layers with top technology, allowing it to provide HDI PCB, PTH, buried vias, Rigiflex, laser-drilled microvias and special materials. From Proto Standard Service to initial design development, the dynamic service in the leading PCB manufacturer in Europe solves problems in entire productive process.





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