Where Do You Turn to for Cheap PCB Manufacturing?

Do you want to know where to get high quality and cheap PCB manufacturing? Look no further. You’ve come to the right place.
PCBs can become very expensive, depending on the complexity of the pcb layout. I found this out when I was designing my PCB.
However, after extensive research and trying many places, I managed to find something worthwhile.
I won’t name many of the CHEAP pcb suppliers and leave you hanging. I have reviewed the best cheap pcb manufacturers I could find and provided a short overview of each company. So, let’s get started.

How much does a pcb board cost

turnkey pcb assembly

The price of manufacturing PCBs vary based on many factors. Including the board dimensions, layers, number of copper fills, frequency of use (how often you plan to order), and turnaround time.
For example, it would be cheaper to print ten 2-layer boards than 50 4-layer boards due to less material usage. Higher layer counts typically mean longer turnaround times.
There are some good calculators out there to help you estimate the cost of your board(s). But it is also important to get quotes from different manufacturers so you can compare and contrast prices.
However, in general, it costs between $10-$50 to manufacture a PCB. But most of the time, it depends on the complexity of the PCB and also on the manufacturer as well.

Some important points you need to keep in mind is that costs are typically quoted per square inch of board space. Which means dimensions are always stated as length times width dimension(mm). That said, it is extremely important to know your boards’ dimensions before obtaining quotes from manufacturers.
If you are trying to produce boards that are smaller than 100mm x 100mm (0.1 sq. in.). The costs will be much more because of the resolution required for fine-pitch SMD components.
Another thing that I can think of is a way to accomplish cheap pcb manufacturing. You can reduce costs by assembling or even designing your PCBs. It depends on what your needs are.
That being said, let’s talk about what are our options for the cheapest PCB manufacturing.

What Are The Cheapest PCB Manufacturing?

I have found a few cheap pcb suppliers that are very cheap for a quality product.

PCBWay - Top 1 best budget pcb


I’ve had my cheap pcb manufacturing made here twice and did not have any complaints. 

  1. Easiest to order online you just upload your files and pick options for components (Number of copper layers, finished thickness, etc.) via web
  2. Vague shipping time (3 weeks for most options)
  3. The quality is very good, I bought two cheap pcb . The first one is a simple board with a thickness of 0.8 mm. The second one has two layers with white silkscreen on both sides and they are done on industrial machines. pcb is coated on each side with some photosensitive chemicals to make silkscreen on both sides for a very low price.
  4. I messed up one of my boards when they sent me a preview image. In which I made a mistake, so I asked them to reprint it again. And to fix the problem in their system before sending the final file for production. They did just that, at no extra charge, which was very nice of them.
  5. My boards had 0.8mm thickness, but it is also possible to order 1.6 or 3 mm with the same price per sq/in
  6. They charge $2-$10 per sq/in., depending on the size of the board, quantity, and material you order.

UETPCB - Top 2 best cheap pcb manufacturer


UETPCB is a Chinese pcb manufacturer. Their primary business is to produce cheap pcb prototypes and cheap pcb manufacturing. Not the cheapest pcb manufacturing option on the planet but definitely one of them.

They range from $1-20 per square inch, depending on the material and size of the board you are ordering. If you want to get a cheap pcb, I suggest you customize it as much as possible. Because the price of pcb also depends on the size of your board, the material, and the quantity you order

Note that UETPCB also offers a unique referral program. You can get the board for free, even for the following order.

Dirty PCBs - Top 3 cheap pcb suppliers

1.Dirty PCBs

Another cheap pcb suppliers option is DirtyPCBs. They are not as much as the other ones are discussed later, but still, they are cheaper than many others.

  1. Fast turnaround, 10 days for most options
  2. Easiest online interface I’ve ever used
  3. Every option has its price; they do not give any discounts, only charges $4-$11 per sq/in
  4. They’re located in China, so if you are not sure about your board layout, order one small board for testing
  5. Their PCB costs $3-$5 per sq. in., depending on the size of your board, material, and quantity you order

Quick PCB


Quick-PCB is another cheap PCB manufacturing option, but they can be expensive if you order more than 4 boards.

They are located in China, which makes them good for quick prototypes or simple orders. You can pick four popular sizes up to 10 sq/in (100 sq/cm) at $4-$8 per sq/in.

They offer a great variety of board shapes, sizes, and thicknesses from 0.4 to 6.0 mm. Their prices are higher for larger boards as you move up in 2-up, 4-up, and 8-up options. But they do charge less per square inches as the quantity increases



They are cheapest for orders of 5-10 pieces, and their shipping costs can be expensive. I’ve had good experiences with them.

Their interface is easy to use, and they communicate well via email (even though it takes a couple of days) and phone, which is nice if you need some help or clarification

Vague shipping time (3 weeks)

For the most part, they are good for prototyping or small batch orders with prices starting at $2.5-$7 per sq/in for 1-10 pieces


They’re a little cheaper per sq/in for larger quantities.

However, their prices are high if you only need a few boards

You can also pick between FR4 and tougher materials that cost more

Their cheapest option starts at $5-$8 per sq/in for 1-24 pieces depending on the material and size of the board

OSH Park

4. osh park

They are a little more expensive per sq/in for smaller quantities but still cheaper than most other manufacturers out there.

Ranges from $10-$17 per sq/in depending on the material and size of the board you order.

Their price is for three copies, so if you need four or five boards, it will be a little less $4-$7 per sq. in., depending on the size of your board, material, and quantity you order

An important thing to note is that some manufacturers, like PCBWay and BatchPCB, offer a special referral program where you can get free boards or even money off your next order.

Seeed Studio

5. seeed studio

When it comes to cheap PCBs, Seeed Studio is always there. They have standard prices, in which you can order up to 10 square cm of the circuit board for free. You only pay for the shipping charge. It’s pretty sweet! They even offer a one-time fee of 40 dollars if you want to design boards right away without waiting for your initial orders.

Seeed Studio has all kinds of services, including PCB, 3D printing, laser cutting, pick and place machine (does anyone know what this is?), etc. You can even ask them to make a robot for you!

But some people say that their quality control isn’t really good. However, I’ve never tried it myself, so I don’t know how true it is.

The Cheap PCB Manufacturing - Uetpcb Is Your Best Choice.

If you are looking for cheap PCB manufacturing, then uetpcb is the best choice. They offer prototype assembly, PCB fabrication, short-run assembly, and custom PCB manufacturing.

Besides, they have no fees for the setup and stencil. You can also get a free quote from their website. They have the best delivery time, extremely professional service, and high-end products.

They are the best cheapPCB manufacturers in China delivering high-quality products and services for the past 15 years and have worked with big brands like Tesla, GM, and Philips, etc.

The simple reason for their huge success is their advanced technology and latest techniques which makes their work and product more efficient as well as long-lasting.

They provide 24 hours customer support with a quick response time, and they only take 3-6 days to ship the product worldwide. If you want the best of the best at extremely low rates, then uetpcb is the one you are looking for.

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