How to Choose a Best China PCB Assembly

This is a complete guide on how to buy the best Chinese PCB components in 2022. We are a reputable online China pcb assembly supplier. Before placing an order, we can provide samples for your reference.

Why choose China PCB assembly?

China’s PCB market has many foreign firms because of the quality and prices. This rate only proves how top-notch the china PCB assembly fields are. If you are still hesitant if it’s indeed one, the following reasons may convince you:

  1. Cost: One of the most notable benefits of choosing PCB assembly is its prices. China offers low PCB prices at a high quality and even has excellent customer support.
  2. Quality and speed of production: China PCB assemblers use cutting-edge tools to make their products new and of high grade. Using these tools, they can produce a large quantity quickly.
  3. PCB standard: China set the standard for making high rate, new, and in-demand PCBs. Customers can easily find the best ones in this field.
  4. High capacity and experts: PCB assemblers in China constantly improve their materials and tools. They also have experts and team assembly that know what to do. They can easily make and meet all your PCB demands and criteria.
  5. Swift timeframe: The PCB assembly firm must comply with the delivery time. However, this is not impossible in China because of how quick and easy their production and shipping times are.

How much does it cost for a PCB assembly unit?

The China PCB board is one of the most significant goods China export. Each of these PBCs has its own set of qualities and a variety of prices. Most of the china PCB assembly units cost around $10 and $50. However, the performance, quality, and costs will vary based on many factors.

Some of the common concerns that firms have when pricing their boards are the following:

  1. PCB assembly
  2. PCB material
  3. Dimension and sizes
  4. Surface treatment
  5. Process and quantity
  6. Board size
  7. Numbers of layers
  8. Design elements

What you’ve read above doesn’t stop there. There are still some factors that affect the prices. Through this, it will either go up or be minimal, some of these are:

  1. PCB cost
  2. Setup cost
  3. PCBA testing cost
  4. Quantity
  5. Fast turnaround PCB assembly rate
  6. Number of solder pads
  7. SMT assembly cost
  8. Stencil cost

Types of PCB circuit board assembly

pcba manufacturing

Turnkey PCB assembly

Turnkey PCB assembly refers to the items and services available for customers to use. This assembly means that the assemblers will handle all the project parts, including the PCB yield. Turnkey PCB assembly lets firms produce PCB fast and at a lower price. This solution gives customers an option to focus on designs while the assemblers handle the rest.

Aluminum PCB

Led PCB assembly

China PCB board is a vital piece that supports LED lighting. You can apply this assembly type to a wide range of uses due to high energy savings, low prices, and flexible designs—some of its applications include street lighting, flashlights, lanterns, etc.

Light PCB assembly has a circuits board which is vital in powering LEDs. These tiny boards were used to join electrical parts and were built using fiberglass and metals. These light PCBs have the benefits of having the following:

  1. The thermal emissions are low
  2. There is low usage of electricity
  3. Light PCB assembly is dust and moisture resistant
  4. Constructed with lightweight materials
  5. It has a simple making process and merging
Medical Electronics PCBA

PCB electronics assembly

The china PCB (printed circuit board) is a crucial component in electronics. These PBCs are devices that use conductive paths, lines, and circuits to link the electrical parts and to be mechanical support. It is also an item that fills the electrical things for them to work.

china pcb assembly online

China flexible PCB

A flexible PCB is a circuit board that can bend and moves in any form. It is the most common type of PCB to use on high-density and strong-temperature components. Flexible PCB is a polyimide or a transparent polyester film with copper-based layers. It also has a dielectric layer with a thickness that ranges from 0.0005″ to 0.010.”

China multilayer PCB


Multilayer PCB is a PCB with a circuit board and more than two layers. Compared to double-sided PCB, this multilayer PCB has at least three layers of conductive material. This multilayer PCB has various advantages such as:

  1. It is versatile and can adapt well
  2. Has small sizes
  3. Has higher assembly density
  4. It has an easy control features
  5. The wiring harnesses connection is not needed
Printed circuit board

Prototype PCB assembly

China PCB prototype is used to assess the features of new digital designs. This prototype aids in making sure the quality is top-notch, free of defects, and has no flaws. There are 2-3 cycles of a prototype PCB assembly to check if the outcome is working fine.

halogen free pcb

Medical PCB assembly

Medical PCB is a vital tool for medical electronics. Without these PCBs, there will not be an improvement in the devices, and medical problems will arise. Some of the medical devices that need PCBs are the following:

  1. CT scans
  2. Scanners
  3. Monitors
  4. MRIs
  5. Defibrillator

List of best PCB board assembly manufacturing companies

Are you looking for the best suppliers and assemblers in China? Say no more because we have listed some of the best ones below:

Bicheng Enterprise Limited

Bicheng Enterprise Limited started its firm back in 2003. For 15 years, they have built their name as the best China PCB manufacturer. Because of this, they made a reputation for offering high-quality PCB assembly services and PCB assembly inspection.

They offer a variety of China PCBs, such as:

  1. China multilayer PCB
  2. Double-sided PCB
  3. High-frequency PBC
  4. PBC aluminum
  5. Fiberglass PBC
  6. PBC regularity
  7. Metalcore PBC
  8. Ceramic PBC

Bicheng is also one of the firms with good yield plans, so all their PBCs designs stop issues even at the start of the phase. They will also meet all your criteria and provide on-time delivery.



UETPCB is one PCB board assembly manufacturing firm that provides a one-stop China PCB solution. They have been in this sector for many years now, so they have the knowledge, skills, and resources. For this reason, they were able to satisfy customers’ demands and needs.

Here are some of the PCB assembly services they offer:

  1. Turnkey PCB assembly
  2. light PCB assembly
  3. PCB led lighting assembly
  4. Aluminum PCB
  5. Express PCB
  6. China PCB prototype
  7. Copper thickness
  8. Standards and certificates
  9. Speed
  10. Testing cost
  11. Labor cost

Shenzhen Mincom Technic

China’s Guangming New District is home to one of the most notable PCB board assembly manufacturing firms, Shenzhen Mincom Technic. This company is an expert in china PCB assembly, both standard and advanced. Because of this, they offer all their PCB assembly services at low prices.

Hitech Circuits Co., Ltd

pcb assembly factorIES

Hitech Circuits put up their main branch based in Shenzhen’s Baoan District. They are among the China PCB assembly online accessible and have many services. Some of the services they have are:

  1. PCB assembly
  2. Turnkey PCB assembly
  3. Fast turnaround PCB assembly
  4. China flexible PCB
  5. Metal Core PCB
  6. Rigid-flex PCB
  7. Aluminum-Based PCB
  8. Component Sourcing



If you want to find the best PCB board assembly manufacturing, PCBWay is your option. PCBWay started its firm in Xiacheng, China, and they have a home of a factory site in Shenzhen. They are among the company and have a massive impact in this sector because they are top-notch experts. They are also the best PCB company that exports outside China.

Buyers worldwide view them as a one-stop shop for all China PCB assembly needs. Their company changed how businesses viewed PCB circuit board assembly firms.

Some of the PCB assembly services PCBWay provides are:

  1. China PCB Prototype
  2. Custom PCB Design and Creation
  3. Advanced PCB Manufacturing
  4. SMD-Stencil
  5. SMT PCB Assembly
  6. PCB Assembly Services

SHC electronics

SHC Electronics is a “PCB manufacture and assembly firm” that excels in making high grades of PBCs. They offer various services and high-end goods that satisfy the customer’s demands. For this reason, they work with different sectors like medical, defense, aerospace, and military. They even offer their products at low china PCB assembly costs.

They also offer other PCB assembly services like:

  1. Highly electronic services
  2. On-time delivery
  3. Effective communication

A-Tech Circuits

Shenzhen is the home of one of the best china PCB assembly, A-Tech Circuits. They are a prominent PCB circuit board assembly company specializing in fast turnaround PCB assembly, making china PCB prototypes, etc. They also offer the following PCB assembly services:

  1. China multilayer PCB
  2. Flexible PCB china
  3. Rigid-Flex PCB
  4. Metal Core PCB
  5. RF PCB


RayMing Technology, also known as Ray PCB, founded its company in 2005 and became a top China PCB assembly. For the last fifteen years, they have offered massive value to the field of China PCB. Some of their noted PCB assembly services are:

  1. China multilayer PCB
  2. Flexible PCB china
  3. Turnkey PCB assembly
  4. Prototype PCB assembly
  5. Rigid-flex PCB
  6. Metalcore PCB
  7. PCB fabrication China

Ray PCB is among the best china PCB assembly online because they have excellent customer service. Many of their clients have access to new products and experts. Since they don’t focus on the Chinese market alone, many importers overseas prefer them.

This firm is also top-notch when it comes to on-time delivery. They make their PCBs in less than 24 hours and deliver them in less than five days. It is the ideal firm if you need large orders of PCBs in a short time.


If you’re looking for china PCB assembly online to handle all your needs. They are among the PCB assemblers that have been in the field for over ten years now. They have a full service, from unique prototypes to bulk volume manufacture. PCBGOGO serves businesses in commercial, aerospace, medicine, and military.

Utility Electrical Co Ltd

In 1990, Utility Electrical Co Ltd began its operations and became a leader in PCB assemblers. They produce hundreds and thousands of goods and have various product lines. They also have several tools and modern equipment to make quality PCB circuit board assembly. Because of this, they fulfilled the demands of customers of high-end and variety.

Shenzhen JLC Electronic Co., Ltd

The most eminent PCB board assembly manufacturing firm is Shenzhen JLC Electronic Co., Ltd. This company has a fast turnaround PCB assembly, quick shipment times, and low prices. They are also one of the best for products and shipping them beyond China. It is possible because they use flexible freight channels like DHL, Airmail, and EMS. They also have been certified by KINGBORAD FR-4 Materials, UL, and Rohs.

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