How to Identify the Quality of PCB Board?


With the rapid development of mobile phone, electronics and communication industries, the PCB circuit board industry continues to grow and grow rapidly, at the same time, people have higher requirements on layer number, weight, precision, material, color and reliability of PCB. So how do you tell if a PCB is good or bad? However, due…

What Defects can be Inspected by AOI in SMT Assembly processing?


Working principle of AOI detector testing Application of AOI in SMT processing in a variety of forms, but its basic principle is the same (as shown in Picture 1), the analyte with optical instruments for graphics, usually by sensors (cameras) to obtain the test figure like lighting and digitization, and in some way to compare,…

What is SMT Assembly?


What is SMT assembly? SMT assembly refers to a series of processes on the basis of A PCB (Printed Circuit Board), which is a Printed Circuit Board. SMT is the abbreviation for Surface Mounted Technology, the most popular Technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. Electronic circuit Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is called Surface…

What are the Reliability Tests in the PCB Assembly Manufacturing?

Basics Of Printed Circuit Boards

What are the reliability tests in the PCB assembly manufacturing?   PCBA manufacturing is by no means a combination of adding material procurement on the basis of SMT processing. Any problem of any material will affect the overall result of PCBA board, which requires us to have sufficient material detection ability, supplier management ability, technical…

How Many Steps do you know for the PCB Assembly Process?

pcb-Functional Test

How many steps do you know for the PCB assembly process? As a PCB & PCB assembly manufacturer, it’s necessary to let you know what our PCB assembly services are. PCB assembly is a complex and lengthy process involving many different phases, and also the key process for realizing the functions of the final product….

What You Need To Know About PCB Manufacturing And PCB Assembly?


What You Need To Know About PCB Manufacturing And PCB Assembly? What Are PCB ? PCB is the acronym of Printed Circuit Board, a mechanical base that contains tracks and footprints reflecting the schematic of the design. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the foundational building block of most electronic devices. From a simple single board used…

16 Requirements of SMT Process for Component Layout Design

16 requirements of SMT process for component layout design The layout of components should be designed according to SMT electronic processing equipment and process characteristics and requirements. Different processes, such as reflow soldering and wave soldering, have different layouts for components. When double-side reflow soldering, there are different requirements for the layout of side A…