Something You Need to Know About PCB Electrical Tests

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Something You Need to Know About PCB Electrical Tests Why Start PCB Electrical Testing During PCB Fabrication In the production process of PCB board, it is hard to avoid electrical defects such as short circuits, open circuits, and leakage caused by external factors. In addition, PCB continues to evolve to high density, fine spacing, and…

What are the Common Ways of the Pcb Panelization

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To improve PCBA production efficiency, reduce production costs, usually the PCB circuit boards will be panelized for board assembly production, which can facilitate the PCBA soldering, but also save time. The purpose of the PCB Panelization? Improve the efficiency of SMT assembly. The more the number of boards contained in a panel, the less the…

How to Clean up PCB Corrosion

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Pcb circuit boards are widely used in various industries such as electrical appliances, computers, mobile phones, and computers. It is the main part of electronic components. However, circuit boards have a powerful enemy – pcb corrosion. A circuit board that strong acids or other chemicals have corroded will not be able to continue working. Corrosion…

PCBA–BGA Chip Repair Process and Steps

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Ball grid array (BGA): The process of replacing all the solder balls on a chip’s ball grid array is called BGA rebound. BGA packages have become very popular in the printed circuit board (PCB) design and manufacturing industry. These packages help reduce the size of a PCB and improve its functionality. BGA can withstand the…

Custom PCB Manufacturing Techniques

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PCB designers use digital design automation to generate a design frequently. The EDA app stores layout info, facilitates editing the plan, and automates repetitive design tasks. The very first phase is converting the circuit schematic to a web list. The web listing gives component hooks and the circuit structures or baits that every pin connects….